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10 Event Planning Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

10 Event Planning Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

10 Event Planning Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Event planning podcasts are a fantastic source of helpful information and inspiration for anyone in the event planning industry.

If you aren’t familiar with what a podcast is yet – it’s an audio series available online for free, sort of like on-demand talk radio. There are podcasts out there about anything under the sun, including the art of planning successful events.

Podcasts are great to listen to during your commute or while you are doing simple tasks such as tidying your house. You can be learning and getting stuff done at the same time. Plus, if you are an auditory learner you will absorb more information from a podcast than you would from reading books or blogs about the same topic.

Here are 10 excellent event planning podcasts that will help you plan superb events that will really wow your guests. To find them, just search within whichever app you use to listen to podcasts. (I use Stitcher, but there are many to choose from.) You don’t have to listen to them in order – just take a look through and listen to any episode that you think would be interesting or relevant to your particular event planning needs.

1. #EventIcons

This excellent podcast is hosted by Will Curran, the founder of Endless Entertainment. In each episode he sits down with an influencer in the event planning industry to discuss topics such as event management, event technology and much more. Curran asks these experts a lot of great questions, so that listeners can learn from them. The insight that these professionals can offer, based on years of experience in the event planning industry, is priceless.

2. Turn of Events

Another great podcast about event planning is Turn of Events, featuring Laura Lopez and Graham Wheeler. This podcast also uses an interview format. Their high-calibre subjects are questioned about all aspects of event planning. You can really learn a lot – plus the conversation is often funny, light-hearted and entertaining to listen to. One of the recent guests on the show was Joy Asico – a well known professional event photographer.

3. The Meeting Planning Madness Podcast

This 30-minute podcast is released bi-monthly and is about all aspects of event planning. It covers a lot of the mishaps that occur when planning an event, which is very useful and will help you prepare for worst case scenarios. It also offers a lot of practical tips that you can use when planning events.

4. The Event Tech Podcast by EventHero

This interview-format podcast focuses on the latest developments in event technology. Their goal  is to help you plan smarter events with useful tools. For example, one of the episodes is an interview with Megan Powers from EventCollab about how to manage an event using collaborative software that can be updated in real-time by every member of your team. Technology is changing the world of event planning as we speak, so it is very important to stay on top of the latest updates.

5. The Planner’s Planner

In this excellent podcast, hosts Toby Goodman and James Eager talk to a number of professionals in the wedding planning industry about what they do and how they do it. They cover a range of different types of events, including weddings, corporate events, conferences, and more. You’ll learn a lot of valuable tips for maintaining client relationships, running a successful event planning business, and more.

6. Plannerspod

The tagline of this podcast is “Where Event Professionals Share Trade Secrets.” It promises to offer you a lot of valuable event planning tips and tricks. There are a lot of great episodes to listen to – check out the one about How to Stand Out in Front of the CEO of a Top Event Tech Company. The podcast features a wide range of interviews with people who work within the international event planning industry, including caterers, production companies, photographers, ticket vendors and wedding planners.

7. The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast

Do you want to learn about how to effectively market your podcast? This event covers the technique and strategy behind event marketing and offers lots of valuable guidance for spreading the word about your events. The show often features guests who are at the top of their event planning and marketing game. You’ll even learn how to promote your events on social media and how to build buzz around an upcoming event.

8. Kara’s Vineyard Wedding Planning Podcast

If you specialize in planning weddings, this podcast should be on your list! The host, Kara, is obsessed with creating the perfect wedding. She offers an incredible amount of knowledge about wedding planning and event planning in general. She has experience planning over 2,000 weddings, so she has seen it all!

9. Meetings Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Mike McAllen, is a very detailed guide to event planning and management. Mike focuses on providing solutions to common problems, such as technical issues and event logistics. He goes very in-depth, so if you are struggling with any particular issue you will likely find your answer and a lot of helpful advice just by listening to him speak. Mike interviews big names in the event planning industry and covers trending event management news.

10. The Savvy Event Planner

This very popular event planning podcast is hosted by Tom Crowl, who is a seasoned event management expert. He has worked with many players in the industry, including event planning businesses, caterers, entertainment agencies and more. In his show, he strives to offer budgeting tips and advice for best practices so that his listeners can plan the best possible event. this great episode featuring Phil Gerbyshak about how to make your events more social media-friendly.

These are just 10 of the best event planning podcasts out there – each one offering many hours of valuable event planning tips, techniques, wisdom and inspiration. Check them out and start listening!

If you have any other recommendations for great event planning podcasts, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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