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10 Perks of Using a Travel Agent for Your Destination Wedding

10 Perks of Using a Travel Agent for Your Destination Wedding

10 Perks of Using a Travel Agent for Your Destination Wedding

Although many couples choose to get married abroad thinking it will be simpler than planning a traditional wedding closer to home, there are still many aspects of the big day to plan.

With so many wedding details to decide on, having a professional travel agent to help you plan your destination wedding will offer you a huge advantage. They are masters at travel planning and can take care of all of the little details, saving you from the hassle of doing everything on your own.

Here are 10 of the perks that a travel agent can offer you when planning your destination wedding:

1. They Can Offer Great Recommendations for Your Dream Wedding.

When you work with a travel agent, you can explain your vision and let them know what you are imagining for your destination wedding. They will get to know you and work with you to match every aspect of your wedding to what you have envisioned.

They will also be able to recommend the best resort for you according to your style, budget and guest list. They may even make special requests on your behalf, such as welcome gifts, connecting rooms and special restaurant reservations. The more information you give them about what you want your dream wedding to be like, the more they will be able to help you create your perfect day.

2. They Can Help You Access Special Rates.

Travel agents have special connections within the industry. This gives them exclusive access to discounted rates on hotels and tours that you would never be able to find on your own.  They may even be able to package together flights and hotel rooms to get bulk discounts.

Plus, a good travel agent will have the buying power to get you extra amenities, upgrades or insider tours that could make your destination wedding so much more memorable. Ask your travel agent what they can do. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save (sometimes, it ends up being even more than they cost!).

3. They Can Make Sense of the Paperwork.

If you are getting married in a destination that requires a visa or other paperwork, having a travel agent will make your life so much easier. Since they do this type of paperwork often, they will be able to figure out what exactly you need and don’t need to complete, then simply send it to you to fill out.

They can also research rules and regulations regarding getting married in your preferred  destination and make sure that you are following all of the requirements to the letter.

4. They Can Make Travel Less Intimidating for Your Guests.

Have you invited someone to your wedding who has never traveled before oris a little anxious about the trip? Putting them in touch with a reliable travel agent who is familiar with the plans for your wedding could be the deciding factor in whether or not they feel comfortable taking the leap to travel to your wedding. The travel agent can answer any questions and can even help them to book their trip – guiding them along on their first travel experience.

Ask your travel agent if they offer discounted services for your destination wedding guests. They are great about booking group travel at a discount and ensuring everyone arrives on time and prepared!

5. They Can Make Sure Every Guest is Provided For.

From making sure there is a vegan option on the menu to arranging childcare for your guests’ kids or booking a wheelchair-accessible room for a disabled guest, your travel agent can accommodate any special request. After all, you want to make sure everyone at your wedding is comfortable and feels right at home.

Simply tell your travel agent about the special requirements of anyone attending your wedding. They will make sure that everything is taken care of.

6. They Can Arrange Exciting Entertainment and Excursions.

One of the best things about a destination wedding is spicing up the event with thrilling local entertainment and experiences. Your travel agent can arrange for a fire dance show at your wedding on the beach in Thailand, a private catamaran sailing trip for all of your guests in Portugal, or a wine tasting at a local vineyard for your wedding in Chile. These are the memorable moments that you and your guests will look back on fondly for many years, so make sure they are something spectacular!  

7. They Save You Time.

You can easily spend hours of your precious time researching a destination wedding, getting more and more overwhelmed by all of the options out there. Travel agents have years of experience making travel arrangements and can do it so much more efficiently than you – so why waste your time?

Your travel agent knows exactly how to plan your complicated destination wedding itinerary, saving you hours of frustration. They make it easy for you to relax and focus more on what you love like selecting the perfect shoes or enjoying your stress-free bridal shower.

8. They Will Decipher the Fine Print for You.

There’s a lot of fine print when it comes to destination weddings, including travel insurance policies, venue booking contracts, travel visas, marriage permits, and more. Many people don’t bother to read through these important documents unless something goes wrong. Even if you do, it’s hard to comprehend the complex legalese.

Fortunately, your travel agent is well-versed in these complicated travel documents. They will happily help you to navigate the rules, terms and conditions so that you can protect yourself and make your special day less overwhelming.

9. They Are There For You If Things Go Wrong.

There’s no guarantee that any destination wedding will go smoothly, so it’s a huge relief to know that someone is there to help if things go wrong. Your travel agent will be a first point of contact if something disastrous does happen. Whether it’s a missed flight, a last minute illness, a natural disaster, a no-show entertainer or any other mishap, your travel agent will be there to deal with the situation and help you find a solution quickly.

10. They Continue to Help, Even After the Wedding

Even after you have said your vows and drank the last of the champagne with your friends and family, your travel agent will still be there to help you. They will follow up with you and your guests when you return to get your overall feedback on the experience and address anything that needs attention after you have settled into married life.

Also, if you need to make a travel insurance claim or follow up on a complaint after you get home, your travel agent can continue to work as an advocate on your behalf. Their job doesn’t end until you are completely satisfied. They are also a great resource for planning family vacations and helping your friends and family plan their weddings and other trips!

Working with a travel agent to plan your destination wedding just makes sense. They will take care of all of the travel details, so that you can just relax and enjoy your special day.

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