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5 Items Currently Trending in Weddings

5 Items Currently Trending in Weddings

5 Items Currently Trending in Weddings

As professionals working in the wedding planning space, we see wedding trends come and go. Some we are happy to see fade out with time (we’re looking at you mason jars). Others, no matter how trendy, simply become lasting wedding memories (although we still love a good photo booth).

Here are 5 amazing trends in the wedding space right now that you should know about!


This thoughtful trend recognizes the commitment and support of beloved guests. Particularly, if you’re a destination bride or groom, appreciating the effort (and expense) that your guests incur to witness your big day is a nice touch. Whether your sentiments take the form of a personalized note in each wedding welcome bag, or a personalized greeting on each table setting, find a unique way to personalize a thought to your guests. It is a heartfelt gesture that all guests will appreciate. While composing each note may take considerable effort, it has major payoff in creating lasting memories for your guests.


Thoughtful touches like umbrellas for rain-prone areas, or flip-flops for the reception are now becoming wedding staples. Adding to that is the “practicality venue” trend. This one pushes the boundaries on useful wedding elements. Imagine you’re throwing your wedding in a major city. Offer up day cards for local transit!. Hosting a post-wedding brunch for your guests the next day? Give your guests a pre-paid car sharing ride  (like Lyft) so they can arrive on time.. Having a beachside wedding? Provide a goody basket with sunscreen and a few snacks., Then you can be sure no one will have a sunburn in your wedding photos! Talk about a win-win.


Everyone remembers the signature drink trend that was popular, a few years ago. Here’s the craft cocktails trend 2.0 — Herb & Lou infused ice cubes. To enjoy these ice cubes all you need to do is (1) freeze a box, and when ready, (2) peel back the foil, and (3) pop out a cube into a spirit of one’s choice. One can opt to shake the items to mix up all the ingredients fast.  We love the novelty of this wedding item. It’s a fun way to get everyone in on the bartending action!


Weddings can be an awkward occasion for guests to mingle – particularly if you have a diverse set of invited guests. Help break the ice, and create a memorable experience for all with conversation starter cocktail napkins! These fun customized cocktail napkins can include anything from “couple facts” to questions they can ask each other. They serve as points of entertainment, curiosity, and discussion among your guests. Plus, sharing fun tidbits about yourself helps your guests bond, but also to  and allows them to get to know everyone there a little better.


Weddings are expensive, especially for your wedding party. Enter rentable wedding attire that fits,  and delivers on quality. We’re loving any trend that helps make one’s wedding more affordable, without compromising on quality, service, or experience.

The Black Tux offers an online ordering service for premium rental suits and tuxedos that fit better than an outfit from your own wardrobe. The best part is that they a’re delivered two weeks before your wedding day (time to try and alter).

Vow to Be Chic offers designer bride and bridesmaid gowns for rental. Per their site, every order comes with two dresses, in two sizes, two weeks before the wedding. Plus, a style consultant is available online to help you during the process. Talk about easy!

What trends have you been seeing lately that deserve some extra attention? Add them in the comments below!