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5 Major Corporate Travel Problems & How to Solve Them

5 Major Corporate Travel Problems & How to Solve Them

5 Major Corporate Travel Problems & How to Solve Them

Corporate travel has become even more complex in recent years, thanks to global uncertainty and developments in technology. As a result, corporate travel problems are becoming more complex and occur more frequently. If you can anticipate these issues, you will be able to ensure that your corporate trips run smoothly.

Here are five of the most common corporate travel problems, as well as some ideas on how to solve them.

1. Cutting Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

The growing costs of business travel are certainly an issue. According to this New York Times article, business travel accounts for approximately $240 billion per year in domestic spending. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs. However, issues can arise when cost-cutting, such as poor travel experiences and lower employee morale.

For example, sharing a hotel room with a coworker might save the company money, but it can be uncomfortable for the business traveler. Or, the company might book a hotel that is far from a venue in order to cut costs, but it means that the traveler will need to spend an extra hour in travel time.

The key is to be able to cut costs and get more for the travel budget, without sacrificing too much comfort or convenience for the business traveler. Take a look at our blog post about lowering corporate travel expenses without reducing trip quality to learn more about this.

A corporate travel agent can help with this immensely, as they have connections within the travel industry and access to travel deals that may not be available when booking online. Also, booking ahead whenever possible can save a considerable amount of money.

2. Last Minute Destination Problems

Weather delays. Security concerns. Natural disasters. Political unrest. There are a lot of problems at a travel destination that can spring up at the last minute.

When this happens, all of the carefully-laid plans for business travel will be thrown out of whack. It can only take one issue to change the entire plan. In this situation, someone needs to step in right away and make alternate arrangements. It always helps to have a Plan B arranged, just in case something goes wrong.

3. Airport Security Hassles

Going through airport security is one of the biggest pain points for corporate travelers. It’s a time-consuming process and always seems to result in delays. It can really help to be up-to-date on all of the current airport security requirements.

It can also help to take advantage of “Fast Track” services for certain passports that allow frequent business travelers to skip the line and be processed more quickly. In these cases, frequent travelers who are happy to give some extra information about themselves can qualify for special security clearance. The idea is that frequent travelers the TSA knows and trusts do not require as much scrutiny as other travelers who have not qualified for the program.

There are also apps that can be used to help with this issue. For example, My TSA is an app that operates in real time and provides updates on flight delays, security guidelines and estimated wait times. There is also a feature that clarifies exactly what travelers are allowed to bring on the plane to ensure a faster security check process.

4. Connectivity Issues

In the past, business travelers would be out of touch while on the road. However, these days it is absolutely essential for business travelers to stay connected while they are traveling. This often involves multiple devices, including smartphones, iPads, laptops and WiFi.

Plus, more business travelers are starting to use new technology to assist them in getting from Point A to Point B, such as apps that supply advance boarding passes, train timetable information, location weather conditions, expense tracking and even ride-share apps such as Lyft and Uber.

According to the 2016 Business Travel Sentiment Index that was originally published by the Global Business Travel Association, 75% of business travelers say that WiFi is vital to being productive on the road. However, this can sometimes be an issue when hotel WiFi is unreliable.

How can the issue of connectivity be solved? An international SIM card can be a very practical solution. It also allows business travelers to maintain the same phone number in every country. Another option is a mobile hotspot, which is a portable decide that travelers can use to connect their smartphone, laptop and tablet to the internet.

5. Keeping Track of Expenses

Another challenge of  corporate travelers face while on the road is keeping track of their expenses. In the past, this used to be done by gathering receipts but it is now done easily on the road through apps.

Apps such as Concur and Certify allow business travelers to snap a photo of their recipes and auto-generate an expense report. This is an incredible time-saver! Here is a guide to some of the most effective apps that business travelers can use to track their expenses today.

These are just a few of the major issues that can come up during corporate travel. For help planning a perfectly seamless corporate travel trip, contact the experts at Travelers Q. They can help with everything from managing group travel to dealing with last minute changes and even helping book or plan your next corporate event! Visit www.travelersq.com/contact to speak to someone from our team today.

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