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5 Things No Bride Should Forget

5 Things No Bride Should Forget

5 Things No Bride Should Forget

When planning a perfect wedding there are a number of “musts” that every bride can’t do without – the dress, a venue, the rings, and Great Aunt Millie from Greensboro. Yet, there are several less visible “musts” that are commonly overlooked. While not overly glamorous in nature, here are our five “musts” no bride should ever forget — as they say, the devil is in the details!


This is critically important if you’re a destination bride or a bride planning an outdoor wedding venue. Weather happens, and particularly when you least expect it. Summer months, a popular bridal season, bring storms, sometimes strong storms. Having a plan built not only for inclement weather (a “backup” indoor venue), but also in case of catastrophe will protect you in case of significant disaster.

Destination brides, the first thing you should do is get travel insurance, and be sure to get insurance that allows you to cancel for ANYTHING. You need to have a strong policy that protects you in case you are the reason you no longer want to go.


Remember just because your stationery professional says the invitations are $8.00 a piece, does not mean invitations are only $8.00. Stamps are nearly $0.50 now! This is a significant expense, particularly if you’re looking to send out, say, 200 invitations.

Also, remember stamps need to go on the inside and outside of the invitation to guests (so this is adding an extra dollar per invite!). And, yes, you do need to put a stamp on the RSVP envelope for your guests; it’s a nice courtesy, and you want to be a good host from the start!


People forget about tax and gratuity for their service providers all the time. Tax and gratuity (sometimes added in, sometimes not – check your quote) are significant expenses to consider when drafting a budget. Just because your caterer says each plate is $55, does not mean it is only $55. Go ahead and plan $70 per plate. It is safer to always plan for an additional 25 – 30% per person with catering. You’ll want to consider similar expenses for nearly all wedding service providers.


I would say this is the most commonly overlooked detail heading into bridal salon shopping. Ladies – and gents, too – please remember to have quality, correct fitting undergarments in anticipation. You’ll want well-fitting undergarments for both your fitting sessions, and on the big day. You want to look and feel your best on your wedding, and keeping everything together and where it should be is important. Ladies, invest!


As a wedding professional myself, I really do need to stress the importance of investing in quality wedding professionals. While pinching pennies and opting for a friend to manage planning or photography will be “worthwhile” in the short-run, I ensure you that in the long-run it’s a liability. Despite best helpful intentions, your friends are your friends and will want to enjoy the day too — hire a professional.

Please also feel free to ask for samples of prior work and previous clients testimonials. You will want to confirm you have licensed and experienced professionals for your wedding day.

So those are our five musts no bride should forget for her perfect wedding day. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the wedding planning process? Have ideas and think you know what you want? Go ahead and email us at admin@www.travelersq.com. We can start this process, and excited to sign you guys up for 2017 and 2018.