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5 Ways Event Planners Can Design Unforgettable Events in 2019

5 Ways Event Planners Can Design Unforgettable Events in 2019

5 Ways Event Planners Can Design Unforgettable Events in 2019

We saw a lot of exciting developments happen in the world of events in 2018. This year will bring even more events that will disrupt, innovate and inspire. If you’re an event planner and your goal is to design unforgettable events that really “wow” your guests this year, the key is to think deeper. Resist the urge to do things “because that’s how everyone else does it.” Instead, look for ways you can stand out from the crowd at your event.

Here are 5 ways you can think outside the box and truly design unforgettable events in 2019 and beyond.

1. Choose an Unconventional Venue

Why have your event in the same old venue? The venue can be a major part of the event experience. It has the potential to really surprise and delight your guests. You can easily make an event more memorable by choosing somewhere different.

What if you hosted your event in a museum or an art gallery? Or at a rooftop restaurant and bar? A farmhouse or a vineyard might be the perfect option for your next event. You might even find that by being creative with your venue, you can cut down your event budget significantly. Sometimes with less conventional venues, there can be less demand and prices can be much more affordable.

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2. Upgrade Your Technology

Another way you can make sure that your 2019 events are unforgettable is to upgrade your technology. By using the most modern event technology, you’ll open up the possibility to connect with your event attendees in new and exciting ways.

Here are some exciting examples of ways you could use technology at your next event:

  • Use chatbots to answer questions your attendees might have and provide them with instant customer service.
  • Create an AI recommendation engine that will offer your attendees personalized recommendations.
  • Consider using facial recognition software to enable a smoother check-in experience and improve security at the event.
  • Build an event app that your attendees can use to access important information about the event and interact with each other.
  • Set up a social media wall. It’s a huge screen that will project any social media posts that have been tagged with the event hashtag.
  • Use live-streaming to broadcast your event on social media to your followers, generating a publicity buzz.
  • Integrate Augmented Reality (AR) into exhibitor promotions or scavenger hunts.

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3. Engage All The Senses

If you want to design unforgettable events this year, think about how you can engage all the senses.

What are your guests are experiencing when they arrive at your event?What do they see? Think about how you can impress them with unique visuals, such as video presentations, virtual reality or live performances. Can you add to speaker presentations with music or sound effects? What about appealing to their taste buds in a fun and exciting new way?

Can you offer unique food and drink experiences that will make your event more memorable? Perhaps you can even get your attendees to partake in hands-on demonstrations of products.

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4. Be Creative With the Food

Speaking of appealing to the senses – one of the huge ways you can design unforgettable events is through food. Food and beverage are a major part of an event, but many event organizers just stick to ordinary, obvious options.

If you really want your event to be memorable, take the time to think outside the box. Choose foods that will surprise and excite your attendees (that they’re bound to love, of course).

Try using more local ingredients to showcase the cuisine of the region you’re in. Or, work with local restaurants to showcase exciting new foods being created by innovative chefs.

Another approach is to bring together two food traditions in a “fusion” – creating fun dishes that incorporate elements from different cultures. You can also create “DIY food stations” such as a chocolate fountain or a “make your own sundae” table. There are many things you can try. Whatever you do, be creative and have fun!

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5. Make It More Inclusive

One of the most important ways you can make your 2019 events unforgettable is to make them more inclusive.

When you have a wide range of people who want to attend your event, you need to make as many of them feel welcome and included as possible in order to grow your audience. Plus, making your event more inclusive can be an incredibly meaningful gesture and makes people feel more connected to your brand.

But how can you make an event more inclusive? Here are some important points to think about:

  • Think about how people with disabilities will access your event. Do the presentations have captions for the deaf? Are there wheelchair ramps and enough space?
  • Have panelists and speakers who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, so that all event attendees feel represented. (But don’t tokenize. Make sure that you have incorporated diverse speakers who are a natural fit, rather than just choosing someone for the sake of it.)
  • Offer alternative food and beverage options for people who might have dietary restrictions or allergies
  • Consider offering event scholarships or discounts to certain participants to give people a chance to attend the event who might not otherwise be able to afford it

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Not sure how to design unforgettable events or where to begin?

Here at Travelers Q, we would love to help you plan a 2019 event that’s unforgettable. We have exclusive connections in the industry to get you the best service, entertainment, cuisine, venues and more for your events to stand out.

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