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6 Ways to Travel Smarter in the New Year

6 Ways to Travel Smarter in the New Year

6 Ways to Travel Smarter in the New Year

What are your travel plans for 2019? No matter where you are headed in the New Year, there are many ways to travel smarter. Here are some of our favorite travel tips you can use to travel easier (and for less) in 2019.

Join a Loyalty Program

Consider signing up for a loyalty program with the hotel chain and airline that you use most often. You’ll be rewarded with discounted stays, upgrades, special extras and more. Also, many programs will allow you to collect points so that you can spend them on free stays and other great rewards and extras.

That way, the more you travel the more benefits you will enjoy. It really does pay to be loyal. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy VIP service whenever you hit the road. Don’t forget about other membership clubs that offer savings, including Costco, AAA, Sam’s Club, AARP and others.

2. Use a Travel Expert

Planning travel can be stressful and time consuming – but you don’t have to do it all yourself. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a travel planning expert who can help you put together the most enjoyable and cost-effective trip.

A travel planning expert will be able to use their expertise and connections to find the best value airfare and accommodation – as well as extras and upgrades. Talk about a way to travel smarter! A travel expert can also help you to navigate some of the more complex aspects of travel, such as visa requirements. Plus, if sometimes goes wrong when you are on the road – such as a flight delay – they can help you to deal with the situation or re-book. Often, these perks  save you enough money to cover their fee – and then some.


3. Get Some Packing Cubes

If you travel frequently, one of the best investments you can make is a set of packing cubes. These zipped fabric cubes are a simple way to tame your luggage and totally transform the way you pack.

All you have to do is neatly fold or roll your clothes into the cubes. Their rectangular shape makes them easy to stack and fit within your luggage.

Want to travel smarter than that? Divide them by category if you want – socks and underwear in one cube, t-shirts in another, etc. Then, when you arrive you don’t have to search around in your suitcase for any particular item – you can simply take out that specific cube and get exactly what you need. It will save you a lot of time – and a lot of mess!

4. Bring A Power Bank

You don’t want to arrive at your destination and pull out your phone only to find that your battery has died. Travel smarter by bringing a power bank with you to ensure that you always have enough battery power to last your entire journey.

There are several great power banks that you can bring with you on your travels, which won’t weigh very much or take up a lot of space in your luggage – but will keep your phone fully charged. Just be sure to set a reminder to charge your power bank fully before you leave!

5. Read Review Websites

The internet has made it easier to travel smarter in a lot of ways – and review websites are a large part of that. There’s no need to take a risk on a restaurant or hotel without knowing whether or not it will be a good experience. You can read the reviews of hundreds of previous guests to learn which places are fantastic and which should be avoided.

While TripAdvisor is the major travel review website, there are many other sources of reviews you can look at when planning your trip. These include Google reviews, Expedia and the Rick Steve’s Travel Forum.

Of course, make sure that you always take individual reviews with a grain of salt. Reviews that are too positive or too negative are slightly suspicious, as they can make you wonder what the reviewers motives are.

6. Use Uber – Or The Local Version

In the past, one of the biggest hassles of traveling was getting a taxi and negotiating the fare. It was common for taxi drivers to overcharge travelers and for the experience to often be frustrating. Uber has changed this for the better, making it easier to travel smarter and cheaper! They offer an on-demand peer to peer taxi service with fixed rates. All you have to do is open up the app, press the button and you’ll get a taxi in minutes.

Uber isn’t the only option out there. In many countries where Uber might not exist there are also other taxi apps available. Some of the popular Uber alternatives include Lyft, 99 (Brazil), Careem (Africa and the Middle East), Didi Chuxing (China), EasyTaxi (South America, Africa and the Middle East) and Grab (Southeast Asia.) Check out the options and see which app is the most convenient for your destination.

Planning a trip in the New Year?

If you’re planning any trips in 2019, our travel planning experts are here to help! To learn more about how we help you travel smarter and save you time, money & frustration on your travel, contact us today.