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5 Ways Travel Agents Can Save You Money On Your Destination Wedding

5 Ways Travel Agents Can Save You Money On Your Destination Wedding

5 Ways Travel Agents Can Save You Money On Your Destination Wedding

Even though destination weddings are usually smaller than traditional weddings, they can still be pricey affairs. Fortunately, with the help of a travel agent you can cut down some of your costs and put that extra money toward things like a home purchase or future trips!

A travel agent will be able to help you save a significant amount of money on your destination wedding while reducing the amount of stress involved in planning this major event. Sounds good, right?

A good travel agent knows that it is not about making the sale, it is about ensuring that you have the best possible destination wedding and are happy with the experience. You let them know what you envision your dream wedding to be and give them the details such as the guest list, budget, etc. They will then use their skills, expertise and connections within the industry to help you create the perfect event – at the most affordable price possible.

So how can your travel agent save you money on your destination wedding? Here are a few of the ways:

1. They Will Recommend the Best Value Destination

A travel agent who specialises in destination weddings will be able to recommend the best value destination for your wedding. They have a lot of insider knowledge about places to go and can  select the ideal setting to match your ideal wedding size, style and theme.

Rather than simply booking your wedding at premium locations (that charge premium prices), your travel agent can recommend places off the beaten track. These often provide an equally beautiful setting at a much lower price. They just might know about a beautiful location that you haven’t heard of yet, but offers a lovely wedding venue with gorgeous views for a fraction of the price of a more popular destination.

2. They Can Get Rates You Can’t

Travel agents are able to get special insider rates on flights, hotels, excursions and more that you would never be able to find by yourself. The savings they can bring you when it comes to the overall cost of your destination wedding can be considerable. They will also keep an eye on your reservation. If any part of your trip goes on sale later, they may be able to negotiate for that lower price to be applied to your reservation.

Plus, they usually have access to group discounts. This will help you get even lower rates on the cost of accommodation and flights for your guests. Your travel agent might also be able to pull strings to get you special perks such as room upgrades, flight upgrades or free tours and tastings. It never hurts to ask!

3. They Can Bundle Everything Together

To get the best possible rates on your destination wedding costs, it can be advantageous to bundle your travel. You can ask your travel agent to negotiate a travel bundle with airlines and hotels, allowing them to create a package with much cheaper prices. They might even be able to get some extras thrown into the package. Resorts are often happy to add these in for customers booking in bulk.

You can even offer this bundle on your wedding website as a one-click shop for your wedding guests. All of their wedding expenses, including flights, accommodation, tours, etc. can be bundled together in one payment at the best possible rate. Not only is it convenient, but it will also save you and your guests money.

4. They Will Save You Time

Planning a wedding is stressful enough! From the dress to the cake, centerpieces, and more – there is a lot to think about! Your time is precious. Why spend hours researching information online when a travel agent can help (and may even SAVE you money)?

Don’t take away from your career, your personal life or your general health and well-being. Instead, take a break from spending every spare evening and weekend figuring out the details of your wedding and hire someone to help.

If you let a travel agent handle planning your destination wedding, you’ll free up a lot of time that you can use otherwise. If you use those extra hours working instead, or earning money in some way – that will help you to save up more for your wedding and life afterward.

5. They Will Protect You When Things Go Wrong

Another way that travel agents can save you money on your destination wedding is by giving you priceless advice and guidance that will protect you from getting a bad deal. They also offer travel insurance should you need to change something last minute.

For example, when you book with a hotel and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, a lot of the time you are left at the mercy of the hotel. Many things can go wrong. The hotel can be unlike it was pictured in the photos or it can be overbooked, leaving you scrambling to figure out an alternative solution. The good news is that travel agents have often visited the resorts they recommend, which means that they know what they are recommending. This drastically decreases the chances that anything will go wrong.

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes unexpected things happen on a destination wedding. If something does go wrong – your travel agent will be available to deal with it right away and make sure everything is resolved quickly.  They can be your advocate and they can make calls to get compensation if you don’t receive what you have paid for.

Travel Agents Save Money on Destination Weddings

These are just five of the ways that travel agents will save you money (as well as hassle) when planning a destination wedding. With all of these factors considered, it is certainly worth having a professional travel agent on your side when you are planning a destination wedding – no matter the scale or the location of the event.

The key is to find a reputable travel agent who has experience in this field, valuable connections and the insider knowledge to find you the best deals.

Traveler’s Q offers professional destination wedding travel planning and can help with all of the details – from venue booking to airfare, car rentals and much more. They have the best insider connections to find you great deals on travel, helping you to save on your destination wedding no matter where in the world you will be saying “I do.”

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