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7 Great Group Travel Destinations in the U.S.

Predictions for Business Travel in 2022

Companies are looking forward to the future of travel in the next year. The pandemic has caused travel to permanently change, and when you travel to your next business event, you will notice these changes in both your domestic travel and international travel.  

International business travel is expected to increase by as much as 34 percent in 2022, most likely to make up for some of the losses due to the pandemic.

Seasoned travelers are looking to take that long-coveted bucket list trip that they have been putting off.

Post-pandemic, many Americans are looking forward to exploring our glorious country. Many of these Americans will be traveling in a group trip to a destination. In this article, we will tell you about the hottest group travel destinations in the United States.

7 Great Group Travel Destinations in the USA

Kick Back Sedona Arizona

Your group can have the best time in beautiful Sedona. Head out in this country to see all it has to offer with the Sedona Hiking app, which can take your group through more than 400 miles of trails in the area. Your group could also participate in a “vortex tour” where your group can have an experience filled with meditation, self-exploration, relation, and rejuvenation. The city is also known for its phenomenal spas and wellness centers that can show your group a wonderful day. At Red Rock State Park, your group will have a splendid time soaking in the rich color scheme of the rocks.

Charlotte Has A Lot To Offer Your Group

Your group can have an exciting adventure navigating the water at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The 500-acre park also has kayaking, ziplining, rock climbing, and many more outdoor activities for your group to enjoy. At Lazy 5 Ranch, your group can take a cruise and see many wild animals such as rhinos, ostriches, and zebras. For a bit of excitement, your group can race European-style at Victory Lane Karting. Besides the adventure activities, the foodies in your group will love dining in Charlotte. The city has an awesome food scene ranging from the scrumptious barbeque at Midwood Smokehouse to the charming 300 East.

Have A Blast in Las Vegas

If your group just wants to have fun, why not take them to legendary Las Vegas? The city in the desert has something for everyone to do, no matter the budget or taste. In what other city can you see a show, gamble, dine, and even get married all in the course of one night? Other great group activities in the Las Vegas area include Battle Blast Laser Tag, riding the thrilling Stratosphere, or horseback riding at the nearby Sandy Valley Ranch, plus so much more!

See Another Side of Orlando

Orlando is one of the top group travel destinations in the USA due to its plethora of theme parks. Orlando also has many other great activities for groups of all sizes to do in addition to, or as an alternative to the big parks. The Dinner Party Project is a unique activity where groups get together for an evening of delicious food and engaging conversation. Giraffe Ranch offers close encounters with these magnificent animals, as well as other exotic species that you can view on their safari tour. Those who wish to spend some time indoors can play at Battleground Orlando, Fun Spot America, or Andretti Indoor Karting & Games.

Enjoy Breathtaking Aspen

Your group trip does not need to include ski enthusiasts to have a marvelous time in the beautiful mountains of Aspen. Off the slopes, there are many other delightful group activities available including a visit to the Aspen Historical Society and hearing all the legends of the town’s past. Members of your group trip can also enjoy some time at Silver Circle Ice Rink, explore Wagner Park, or take an art class at the Red Brick Center for the Arts.

Have the Time of Your Life in Miami

Miami is the perfect place for your group travel plans. The exciting city has a vast array of activities for all ages and group sizes. The foodies in your group will certainly love to indulge themselves in those Miami flavors at the Food Truck Festival. The Dolphin Mall is the largest outdoor mall in the city, with fantastic shopping, dining options, and shows. Your group can also partake in Miami’s legendary nightlife. You can enjoy the Sip, Savor & Salsa Session at Mango’s Tropical Cafe and dance the night away.

Be Unique in San Francisco

When visiting San Francisco as an event travel group, an appropriate question would be what can’t your group do? You will be overwhelmed by the possibilities for adventure, culture, historical, and culinary experiences in the City by the Bay. At the House of Air, your group trip can have the unique experience of bouncing around this trampoline park. Why not explore the city together on a walking tour? Your group can take a cooking class on many local cuisines, where they will work together as a team with this great (and delicious) hands-on group activity.

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