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Approved Training Institutes

The programs listed below are fee based training.  Any investment made into training for your business can qualify for tax deductions (please refer to our Small Business Guide and contact your tax professional for further questions).  They provide the platform for professional travel industry certifications such as:

Certified Travel Associate (CTA)

Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)

Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE)

  1. A fully comprehensive program that teaches you everything there is to know about becoming a Travel Agent.  Travel Leaders of Tomorrow POC: Heather Kindred (972) 629-4801.
  2. Become a cruise expert and take individual courses at your own pace.  Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). Get your industry professional identification after completion of required training hours.
  3. Find your niche and stand out from the rest by becoming an expert in any area of interest.  The Travel Agent Academy has both free and fee based courses.  You can become a specialist on a specific location or type of travel resell.