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Are You Struggling to Find Balance in Business & Travel?

Are You Struggling to Find Balance in Business & Travel?

Are You Struggling to Find Balance in Business & Travel?

As technology makes it easier to work from the road, many of us struggle to find balance in business and travel. With work travel on the rise, we’re more concerned than ever about having a healthy work-life balance.

Although business travel offers a lot of advantages, it also requires us to be away from our families for long periods of time. If this separation is unbalanced, it can cause stress and unhappiness.

Also, traveling frequently can make it difficult to keep up a healthy routine, eat well and get enough exercise. This can increase the likelihood of a business traveler feeling burnt out.

There are, however, steps you can take action to minimize the negative impact business travel has on your life. The key is to find a balance in business and travel that works for you.

Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

Take the time to speak to your loved ones frequently while you are away on business, even if it’s just a quick Skype or Facetime call from your hotel room before you go to bed. Checking in with the important people in your life will recharge you and help energize you during your trip. If there are major time differences that make it difficult to arrange a video call, you can always send a video of yourself every day instead.

Bring Your Partner With You

Sometimes it can be possible to arrange for your partner to come along on a business trip with you. That way, you’ll be able to spend your mornings and evenings with your partner. It may even make the business trip will feel a bit like a mini-getaway. You can arrange to add a few days to your trip so that you can enjoy the city – making it a “bleisure” trip (business+leisure). This will allow you to have the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to travel for business and boost your career, while also enjoying a mini-break in an exciting new destination.


Maximize Waiting Time

When you are traveling, you may spend a lot of time waiting – especially if you are flying internationally and have to arrive at the airport several hours in advance. Do your best to make the most of this time by getting a head start on the work you need to do. Spending a couple of hours in the airport sending those important emails or working on a report will mean that when you get to your hotel room your to-do list will be complete and you can simply relax.

Take it Easy Some Nights

Some of the exhaustion of business travel comes from going out every night, eating unhealthy restaurant food and having a few drinks. It can really take a toll on your energy levels after a while. Sometimes it’s necessary for networking, but there might be some nights during your business trip where there isn’t an event or dinner planned. On these occasions, take an evening just to relax and unwind on your own. Order a healthy meal from room service, drink some tea, watch a movie and go to bed early. It will help you feel refreshed and recharged – so you’ll have more energy for the busy, social nights!

Don’t Give Up Your Healthy Routine

It can be difficult to keep up a routine of exercising and eating healthy while on the road. However, it’s important to make the extra effort – as it will give you the energy you need to perform your best at work and avoid burning out. Look for a hotel with a gym so that you can get in a daily workout. Also consider preparing some healthy meals in the kitchenette in your room rather than eating in a restaurant every night.

When You Are Home, Be Present

You may not be able to control the fact that you often have to travel for work, but you can control how present you are when you are at home with your family. When you are around your loved ones, put your phone away and pay attention to the moment. The memories you create together are more important than anything – so make sure that work email notifications aren’t eating into your family time.

Appreciate Your Partner

If you have a partner at home, it’s important to remember that while you are going to meetings and conferences they are taking over 100% of the household responsibilities. This can be a lot of work, so make sure they know how much you appreciate what they do. It really means a lot when you give them a sincere thanks, or do something special for them when you return.

Meet Virtually When Possible

In our blog post A Look Ahead: Where Business Travel Will Be in 100 Years, we wrote about how many companies are trialling virtual conferences. This technology allows colleagues to meet and have a virtual conversation even when their offices are located hundreds of miles away from each other. Of course, virtual meetings will not replace all business travel, but it can be a way to cut down on travel when it is not entirely necessary.

Finding a Balance in Business and Travel can be a Challenge

It’s not always easy to find a healthy balance when you travel for business. If you’re on the road a lot, it can become tiring. While traveling for work might be necessary, there are many ways that you can make it easier on yourself and find a better balance. If you have any tips to share with us, leave them in the comments – we’d love to hear them!

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