Best Ways To Travel for Business During the Holiday Season

Nov 18, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

Best Ways To Travel for Business During the Holiday Season

Best Ways To Travel for Business During the Holiday Season

Best Ways To Travel for Business During the Holiday SeasonHoliday travel in 2021 is going to be quite different than it has in previous years. In this changing travel climate, what are the best ways to go about domestic and international business travel this holiday season?
Best Ways To Travel for Business During the Holiday Season

Travel Planning for Business During the Holiday Season

Research all COVID-19 Restrictions Well in Advance

It is best to do research on all COVID-19 travel restrictions in advance of your booking. This is especially important because the holiday season is when travel is expected to explode in 2021. Keep in mind that these travel restrictions are subject to change at any time. The burden is on the traveler to make sure that they are compliant with the ever-changing travel guidelines. A few days before your departure, check all the relevant websites again to make sure that a new requirement has not been added.

Take Advantage of ‘Dead Weeks’

There are about two weeks every year during the holiday season where the cost of travel is significantly less.These dead weeks are the weeks just after Thanksgiving and the week just after New Year’s. What better time to take advantage of the colder January weather at home than to take a trip somewhere warm?

Go Off The Beaten Path

A great way to travel for business during the holiday season is to go to some lesser-known attractions at your destination. Do you know of any secret beaches in Hawaii or a great scenic lookout on St. Bart’s?You could also go to a non-traditional location for the holidays. For instance, if most people you know go someplace warm for the holidays, like the Caribbean, why not go someplace else that is warm, like Belize? Try to think outside the box and think up a more unusual destination for the holidays.

Accept that Glitches May Come Along

With all the new protocols involved with traveling due to COVID, you will just have to accept that there may be some bumps in the road on occasion. In general, you will just have to accept that things will go wrong from time-to-time. You now have to consider PCR tests, vaccination status, and mask-wearing as part of travel. Everyone else is adjusting to this new way of travel too. Just don’t let it stress you out. Things may still go wrong, even if you follow the new travel protocols to the letter.

Be Kind To Everyone On Your Travels

A little kindness does go a long way. It has been a very tough year for everyone, especially those in the travel industry. Be especially kind to airline and airport staff who are now working again after a year of turmoil. They are back to bring you to your destinations as safely as possible.

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