BLOG1_How The Sharing Economy Will Impact Corporate Travel in 2018
18 Feb: How The Sharing Economy Will Impact Corporate Travel in 2018
When the sharing economy was first starting to take off a few years ago, corporate travel managers were suspicious. According to a white paper released in 2015 by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, the majority of travel managers didn’t have plans to introduce sharing services. The concept was unfamiliar to them, so they weren’t quick to adopt it.
16 Feb: How Traveling With a Group Improves the Travel Experience
Traveling with a group can improve the travel experience, no matter what the group is and why they are traveling together. You could be traveling with a group of friends, or with family members or colleagues for a business-related trip. Whatever the purpose of the trip, the saying “the more the merrier” really applies.
08 Feb: Destination Weddings in Italy
Last month we chatted about the top five wedding destinations in the new year. This month is a bit of a departure as we return our focus to one of the most timeless, and most continually popular, destination weddings locations – Italy!
blog_10 Ways Travel Can Transform Your Organization
29 Jan: 7 Ways Travel Plays a Role in Hometown Weddings
Unless everyone you know and love lives in your hometown (which is unlikely), you’ll probably have several guests attending the wedding from out of town. Whether they are coming from overseas or the next town over, transport and accommodation will need to be coordinated for them.
blog_Is Travel the Secret to Your Business Success
29 Jan: Is Travel the Secret to Your Business Success?
Business travel is an explosive market. The Concur State of Business Travel Report recently showed that the busiest 1 percent of business travelers in 2015 boarded an average of 146 flights annually. This means they were taking off every 2.5 days!
09 Jan: The Top Five 2018 Wedding Destinations
Congratulations, you’re engaged! In the coming months you’ll be preparing for one of the biggest milestones of your life, and with that comes a lot of decision-making. Today we’re here to help make one of those decisions a bit easier—picking the dream wedding destination.