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Dubai Blackout 2017 Recap

#DUBAIBLACKOUT – How it all started!
By: Kenna Williams

In 2014, I was headed to South Africa on a group trip with a few friends. Before purchasing my ticket I spoke to my friends and decided we should stop in Dubai for a few days on our way home. My friends agreed and this is how this really started.

From then on…

In 2014, there were approximately 20 to 25 of us in Dubai over the Halloween period. In December 2014, a well known airline based in the United Arab Emirates dropped one of the greatest glitch fares of all times… flights from the United States to the UAE were less than $200!!! Several friends called and we decided that we would go back again in October of 2015. During that trip, there were approximately 80 of us there in attendance.

In December 2015, another well known airline in the UAE dropped nonstop flights from the US in a range where we could not say no (they did family and friends flights where the more you bought, the less you paid).

In October 2016, we returned yet again to the UAE with approximately 250+ in tow. It happened again….. in December 2016, the previous airline in the UAE made reasonable fares available and we decided, why not.. let’s go again!

500 People – #DubaiBlackOut 2017

In October 2017, we had the largest contingency of participants on our trip which I fondly call #DubaiBlackOut. Over 500 people bought into the trip and we had well over 400+ actually fly out to the UAE to participate in the festivities. During the 2017 trip, many people in the local area were curious about the #DubaiBlackOut, how it started and most importantly how they could participate in the events for the following year.

With a little bit of encouragement, I decided that my 5th October in a row should be spent in the UAE again to give even more people the opportunity to experience this country through the eyes of a large group.

Although this trip appears to be built as a fun trip, there are cultural aspects to the trip which include traveling to Abu Dhabi to learn more about the local culture and the people of this region. A trip to the neighboring Emirate Sharjah was organized as well. Our group was able to give back to the local community by making a donation to the Emirates Red Crescent in honor of Sylvia Patterson and Johnathan Moore. These two individuals were slated to be on the 2017 trip but unfortunately passed away earlier in the year.

This trip is inclusive of all people. Although the majority of our trip includes African Americans, there were people on our trip of different races and nationalities. Also, our age range span was from the 20s to several individuals in their 70s. Come and join us for the 5th year in the UAE. #DubaiBlackOut of 2018 welcomes you!

Dubai BlackOut Contest

Traveler’s Q #DUBAIBLACKOUT Contest 2017

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