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Why would a professional event planner hire Travelers Q?

As a professional in the event planning industry, you understand better than anyone how much you have to juggle. We work as your team member to delegate tasks, prepare data, find vendors, and more to make you job easier.

How is an event’s success measured?

Measuring the success of an event starts with defining your objectives. Once we know precisely what it is you want to achieve for each of your guests, then we will know what success means for you, and how to measure it.

Will anyone be on-site during the event?

Yes, Travelers Q offers event director services. This person ensures that everything happens smoothly behind the scenes, so you can focus on the important part: your guests and their experience!

Do I have to work with Traveler Q’s partners?

No, Traveler Q is experienced in working with new (or no) vendors as well as our own vendors. While our vendors come highly recommended at pre-negotiated discounts, we are happy to work with vendors you have an established relationship with, or help you find local vendors that cater to your needs.

What types of events does Travelers Q manage?

Travelers Q has built its reputation on managing corporate events of all sizes, destination weddings, and group travel. We also provide event management for product launches, customer events, specialty travel needs, and more.

Contact us today to inquire about your upcoming event or travel needs!

Does my event have to be a certain size for Travelers Q to work with me?

We work with events of all sizes! Contact us today to find out how we can help you pull off the event of a lifetime.

Does Traveler's Q handle personal vacations?

Yes, we have a great team of independent travel agents who can help you manage your personal vacation needs.

Does Traveler's Q have a referral program?

Absolutely. Referring to TQ will put money in your pocket. Contact us to find out full details on how you can get paid for referring business.