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Forget Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Luxury Wedding Cruises

Forget Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Luxury Wedding Cruises

Forget Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Luxury Wedding Cruises

Would you ever consider a luxury cruise for your wedding festivities?

Luxury wedding cruises are a staple honeymoon for many couples looking to make the most of their travels. The flexibility to enjoy time at sea while visiting several destinations makes for an ideal vacation. The wealth of amenities, entertainment options, and all-inclusive packages make luxury cruises a delight for guests of all ages.

Lucky for today’s destination-seeking brides and grooms, brands like The Ritz-Carlton, Seabourn, and Azamara, are redefining what it means to cruise. They are even challenging you to experience the sea in indulgent luxury.

Never considered a wedding cruise?

You’re not alone. Often when clients think of destination weddings they think of a singular place—Maui, Aruba, or The Bahamas. What if you got to travel and experience a wide variety of destinations, while inviting your guests along for the voyage? And what if it felt like a five-star resort? That would truly revolutionize the experience for you and your wedding guests.

Here’s everything you need to know about luxury cruises as a wedding option and how you can plan the perfect one for your nuptials.

Types of Luxury Wedding Cruises

First, you should know that not all luxury cruises are alike. Cruise offerings are available with different sized ships, accommodation layouts, on-board offerings, port itineraries, and immersion experiences. Individuals cruises are managed by a parent brand—the “Carnival”, “Princess”, and “Oceania” ships of the world— and offer a series of varying routes with different destination focal points. When you’re considering luxury cruise options, it is important to think about the destinations you want to incorporate, as well as what each cruise brand delivers in terms of experience and offerings.

One of our top picks for an exotic, all-inclusive luxury wedding cruise is the Seabourn – Antarctica and Patagonia. Imagine taking your guests along with you as everyone indulges in ultra-luxury, while experiencing the majesty and magic of one of the most remote places on Earth. We challenge you to check out Gary and Damon’s Antarctic wedding and not become envious.

If getting married on Antarctica is a bit too adventurous for you and your partner, why not get married on-board by the captain himself? Princess Cruises’ well-known “Tie the Knot at Sea” wedding package offers a comprehensive wedding at sea for your big day, including a cake, floral arrangements, wedding chapel or library to perform the service, and much more. With a comprehensive list of options to help customize the big day, you’ll find hosting a wedding at sea is easier than you ever could have imagined. Then there is the Princess, which offers options to wed harborside or ashore. One thoughtful feature available with Princess is their free cruise wedding website and honeymoon registry option. The customized honeymoon registry allows your guests to contribute to cruise fare, luxurious spa treatments, excursions, and more.

Looking for more of a boutique cruise experience? Azamara Club Cruises offers varied destinations—like Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia, and Japan— with immersive itineraries. With a strong local focus, Azamara delivers more time in port destinations, including overnight stays. Plus, destination-themed programming onboard means you’ll have meaningful opportunities to connect with the sights.

If you are overwhelmed by the wealth of options, consider utilizing the expertise of a travel agent. Travel agents can save you money and stress as you look to research, negotiate, secure, and save on travel itineraries for your cruise wedding. Best of all, travel agents have existing relationships with many providers and can negotiate “extras” for their clients.

Booking a Luxury Wedding Cruise

Once you have a destination in mind, inquire about the amenities, special features, and complementary extras. For instance, Windstar Cruises and Sea Dream both offer unique and private yacht options for your wedding. Talk about a luxury wedding cruise! A SeaDream Charter allows for 112 guests to gather onboard and enjoy a private voyage with family and friends. With a 1:1 guest to crew ratio, personalized service is guaranteed. A private charter allows for exponentially more opportunities to customize your wedding. As they say themselves, “If you want fireworks, wish to organize a wedding party swim in the open ocean, or anything else, we can arrange it”.

The newest luxury entrant to the seas is The Ritz-Carlton. Despite not being scheduled to take to the sea until late 2019, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, is already making a buzz. We dare you to look at these renderings and not schedule your wedding with them immediately. In signature The Ritz-Carlton fashion, their yachts feature thoughtful and spacious interiors with luxury amenities like The Ritz-Carlton Spa and dining from a three Michelin-starred chef. Their lavish yachts can accommodate 298 guests, and offer an intimate journey as you and your guests experience unmatched luxury.

Again, keep in mind that a travel agent can lend their expertise to help you get the most out of your time and wedding budget. If at any point in the process selecting a luxury wedding cruise, destination, or itinerary seems overwhelming or stressful, they’re a great option to help. Plus, they can often find you incredible deals and add-ons you would not get if booking on your own!

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