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How One Travel Host Turned a Trip with Friends into a Yearly Event

How One Travel Host Turned a Trip with Friends into a Yearly Event

It all started with an incredibly cheap plane fare.

In 2014, Kenna Williams was heading to South Africa with 25 of her friends in October, when she decided to add on a stopover in Dubai for a few days on her way home. She thought, why not? It was cheap enough to add on the stopover onto the plane ticket and they were curious to check out somewhere new.

They had a fantastic time and left Dubai with big smiles on their faces after falling in love with this exciting Middle Eastern metropolis.

Little did they know that this would become the start of something big.

A couple months later, a well known United Arab Emirates Airlines posted one of the cheapest glitch fares of all time. Flights from the USA to the UAE were available for less than $200! It was a deal that was too good to pass up.

Kenna and several more of her friends decided to take advantage of the cheap deal. She and approximately 80 others booked a trip for the following October.

But That Was Only the Beginning…

It could have stopped there as a one-off situation where a bunch of friends and colleagues took advantage of a glitch airline fare. But it didn’t.

Just a couple months after the second trip to Dubai, in December of 2015, another UAE airline dropped non-stop flights from the USA for an incredibly cheap price. Plus, the fare was a friends and family rate. The more tickets you bought, the more you saved.

So, Kenna and all of her friends, relatives, colleagues and pretty much everyone they knew signed up for these rock-bottom price deals.

When they returned to Dubai in October of 2016, they had approximately 250 people with them! That’s 10 times the amount who originally visited Dubai only 2 years before!

It was clear that this simple trip with friends had turned into a huge event, bringing together people from all over the USA. After all, with a discounted fare like that – it was too good to pass up.

In December 2016, the previous UAE airline made cheap fares available again – and the group expanded even more.

From Small Group Trip to Huge Yearly Event

In October of 2017, more than 500 people traveled to Dubai together.

They are now calling this event “Dubai Blackout”, and this year the event is expected to grow even larger. Dubai Blackout 2018 will take place this coming October in Dubai, and tickets are already on sale!

What Will Dubai Blackout 2018 Include?

This event has grown year after year, and Dubai Blackout 2018 is set to be the most exciting of all!

The itinerary for the event, which takes place from October 25th – 31st 2018, includes plenty of exciting activities, such as:

  • A luxurious brunch at the 5 Star Atlantis The Palm
  • A VIP day tour to Abu Dhabi
  • A VIP tour of the highlights of Dubai, including many iconic landmarks
  • A special Day Trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
  • An evening Yacht cruise with unforgettable views of the city
  • A Sundowner Desert Safari, complete with a traditional Bedouin meal
  • And a special presentation at the Dubai 2020 Expo, followed by an elegant dinner

Perfect for MICE Professionals

Dubai Blackout 2018 is a fantastic opportunity for anyone in the MICE industry to experience Dubai first-hand. If you work in a role that involves researching, planning and coordinating travel for corporate and recreational groups, it’s definitely an event to consider attending.

Prefer to spend more time with other travel agents or event planners in Dubai? Check out the newest event from Traveler’s Q – Dubai FAM 2018! This exciting event features much of the same experiences as Dubai Blackout with an added day focused on seminars and workshops to further your career.

To register for Dubai FAM 2018 or learn more about this event, click here.

(Note: The $99 registration fee will secure your spot on the trip and you will still need to book your airfare and the land package which includes accommodations, excursions and meals. Also, you must be a MICE industry or travel industry professional to attend. Business credentials will be requested prior to confirming registration.)

Dubai BlackOut 2017 Gallery

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