How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

Giving your guests a wedding favor is a lovely gesture. It shows you appreciate them sharing your special day with you. After all, your guests are one of the most important parts of your wedding!

Deciding what to give your guests can be quite a challenge, though. There are so many options for wedding favors!

Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors

Here’s how to choose the perfect wedding favors for your guests based on your budget, taste, and more.

Choose Something Practical

Guests are more likely to keep and remember your wedding favor if it’s something they will actually use. Especially if it’s something they will keep in their home, they’ll be reminded of your big day every time they use it. For example, it could be a custom coffee mug with your wedding date on it or a bottle opener engraved with your last name and wedding date.

You could even give your guests something that they will use on the day itself. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding on a hot day you can give your guests beautiful fans they can use to keep cool. If you are having a winter wedding on a cold day, you can give them knitted gloves or scarves instead. Your guests will appreciate these practical and thoughtful gifts.

Try Something Edible

One of the most practical types of wedding favors that your guests are sure to enjoy – is something they can eat or drink. A yummy treat is something they can enjoy right there and then – or maybe the day after the wedding. It’s enjoyable and isn’t as wasteful as a physical gift.

For example, you could treat your guests to macarons, mini-pies, cake pops, cookies or any other delicious bites that are easily packaged and taken home. You can even match them to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a carnival/circus themed wedding, you can give your guests little vintage striped bags of popcorn in your favorite flavors.

Match Your Wedding Theme

Take inspiration from your wedding theme when choosing favors for your guests. For example, if your wedding is music-inspired you can hand out custom CDs loaded with songs that are meaningful for the both of you. If you have a beach wedding, you could give away personalized sunglasses. If your wedding is Paris themed, you could treat your guests to a gift-box of dainty french truffles.

You can also match the gift wrapping of your wedding favors to the color scheme of your wedding so everything goes together perfectly.

Make it DIY

What if you gave your guests wedding favors they could put together themselves? For example, a small craft kit, a cocktail mix kit, or the dry ingredients for a delicious mug of hot chocolate?

What’s great about a gift like this is that it’s an activity as well as a gift. Your guests might enjoy the act of putting together your gift, as well as enjoying the finished product at the end.

Plant a Tree

One of the best wedding favors we’ve seen was a couple who gave away tiny potted pine saplings on their special day. They encouraged their guests to plant the tree in their backyard, or somewhere beautiful. Every year, as the tree grew taller and taller – it was an ongoing reminder of the couple’s long-lasting love. Plus, this is a great gift for the environment!

Don’t want to give the actual trees to your guests? Make a donation to the National Arbor Day Foundation. They can plant a tree for each of your guests, and you can give your guests a personalized card instead!

Give Back Instead

Speaking of doing good, a great idea for a wedding favor is to donate to a good cause on behalf of your guests. You can let each guest know of the donation by placing a note at their place setting. Make sure that you do the research and find the right charity to honor on your special day.

This is a popular trend at the moment, as it also reduces waste. That is, you don’t have to send your guests home with something they might not use. You can even offer your guests a few options for the charity they would like their portion to go to, so that they can choose what is most important to them.

Just be sure to make the donation in your own name on behalf of the guests. Don’t release individual names or contact info for your guests, to avoid the charity contacting your friends and family members for future donations.

Don’t want to give the actual trees to your guests? Make a donation to the National Arbor Day Foundation. They can plant a tree for each of your guests, and you can give your guests a personalized card instead!

Your wedding gifts should be unique to you.

These are just a few ideas that will help you choose the perfect wedding favors for your special guests. Above all, your wedding favors should be a thoughtful and enjoyable treat that your wedding guests will treasure – and something that reflects the unique personality of you and your partner.

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