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How to Create the Perfect Welcome Basket for Your Destination Wedding

How to Create the Perfect Welcome Basket for Your Destination Wedding

How to Create the Perfect Welcome Basket for Your Destination Wedding

Spend 30 seconds on Pinterest, and you’ll see dozens of ideas for destination wedding welcome baskets. How can you craft a guest welcome basket for your wedding that has a real “wow” factor? We’re here walk you through it and share ideas on creating a perfect welcome basket for your destination wedding!

Creating an unforgettable welcome basket incorporates elements from the location of the wedding and the couple hosting the event. The goal is to select thoughtful items and personal touches that make your guests feel “at home” as soon as they arrive. Some couples opt for practical baskets stocked with essential goodies, whereas others want to feature touches from the destination more directly.

Whatever you choose, here are a few ways to ensure your welcome basket is perfect for you (and one that your guests will love)!

What to Include in Every Basket

Any welcome basket begins with how the items will be held. Each basket can be customized to the occasion. Having a beach wedding? Pack all the items in a decorative metal bucket that can double as an ice vessel or cooler for a day at the beach.  Hosting a rustic chic Napa wedding? Include all the items in a refashioned pallet. Make it fun and practical!

We also recommend that you include an itinerary of the wedding weekend events, alongside information for the wedding contact person. Whether the contact is a planner or a dedicated concierge at the venue, let your guests know how to get in touch with someone if they have questions or concerns. This will help alleviate you or your partner from being the primary point of contact during your wedding weekend.

Don’t forget to include a list of recommended local activities and sights for your guests to explore! If you’re hosting your wedding across a number of nearby sites, including a custom map may also be a helpful addition.

Lastly, every welcome basket needs a welcome note. As always, the more personal you can make the message the better. This can be a short word of thanks for their presence or how they may have contributed to your love story over the years — whatever you think your guests will love and appreciate most.

Now for the fun part, loading the basked with fun and thoughtful items!

“The Essentials” Welcome Basket

The essentials basket is intended to largely skew utilitarian, with helpful items your guests may have never considered packing, or forgotten at home. Is it a picturesque beach wedding? Include chic pair of flip flops, a fan, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Hosting a mountain lodge wedding? Include a shawl, hand warmers, and a couple packets of hot cocoa.

The key with this wedding basket is to consider the useful items that may have never occurred to the guests themselves. A few favorite items include a flashlight, bottles of cold brew coffee, premium bottles of water, a wine opener, mints, aspirin, a baseball cap and travel-size first aid kit.

“The Food/Drink” Welcome Basket

For some couples, a food and drink welcome basket is ideal, especially if you think your guests may be short on space in their luggage for non-edible goods. Food and drink options offer an opportunity to curate local goodies and show off the destination to your guests. Traveling to France for your destination wedding? Why not include a bottle of champagne? Headed to Key West? Key Lime Pie is an obvious must! Have fun with it, and feel welcome to work with local vendors to deliver goodies your guests will truly enjoy.

Another variation on this basket idea is to include food and drink that is significant to you. Is there a childhood favorite sweet treat that could serve as a fountain of inspiration to fill the basket? Are either of you a nachos fiend? Do you insist on a cup of Earl Grey every morning? The possibilities are endless, and a quick search can help draw up a number of creative ideas – for example, we love this Chicago-themed welcome basket idea!

“The Customized” Welcome Basket

Your guests are building memories at your wedding, so help share the experience with them through customized yet functional items. Do you expect your guests to spend quality time poolside? Create a custom wedding beach towel that they’ll love to take back home. One of our favorites is a custom luggage tag, which is especially useful if you think they’ll be checking an extra bag on the flight home!

“The Premade” Welcome Basket

Short on time and looking for an expertly-designed, luxury welcome basket? Several companies now offer customized gift boxes or pre-designed boxes that take the guesswork out of a welcome basket offering (many also offer bridesmaid and groomsmen boxes options too). A few of our favorites include Marigold & Grey, Simone LeBlanc, Teak and Twine, Box and Bow, and A Signature Welcome. There are tons of options, so explore a service that meets your aesthetic (and your budget).

Still Looking for Help or Ideas?

Professional travel agents can also help you create the perfect welcome baskets for your out-of-town guests. These agents can negotiate for the inclusion of this service in your reservation (otherwise, you could be looking at an extra fee) and offer incentives, upgrades, free nights, or other add-ons by leveraging their wide client base. If you want to get the most from the hotel provider for your wedding, consider contacting an agency like Traveler’s Q today! It’s free to get a quote and could save you a lot of frustration, time, and money!

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