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Is Personalization Important for Business Travel?

Is Personalization Important for Business Travel?

Personalization is one of the biggest trends in the world right now, but just how important is it for business travel?

The modern business traveler expects to be able to have a unique experience that is tailored to their own priorities, needs and preferences. This experience begins even before booking. It actually starts when travel companies create personalized advertising campaigns for their target customers. Travel companies store data on their business travel customers so they can offer more customized experiences. After all, statistics show that there is a 20% increase in sales from a personalized online experience.

This personalization continues through the booking process. It carries on even as the business traveler heads to the airport, boards their flight and arrives at their hotel. All of these small details can be customized to their unique travel needs, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Advancements in big data are making this level of travel personalization easier than ever before, allowing companies to create one of a kind trips and care for their business travelers in a new way. The trend is expected to continue, with personalization becoming even more important in travel in the future.

But the real question here is really if this personalization makes a difference  when it comes to business travel.

Better Search Results

Personalization can create better search results for business travelers, which can lead to an easier booking process and more conversions. Most business travelers start planning their trip using search engines. When they do, the results often present them with a dizzying array of options. It’s hard to sort through all of these options and narrow it down to the best possible choice.

When the search uses personalization features, the amount of results shown will be narrowed down according to the unique needs of the business traveler. It is even possible to use personal information from social media in order to customize these travel search results.

Rather than having hundreds of options to choose from, they will see 4-5 choices which are much better suited to their particular needs first. This makes the decision easier for the business traveler and saves them time and hassle when planning their trip.

A Better Travel Experience

Hands down, one of the most important reasons why personalization is important to business travel is because it offers a better travel experience. This is the reason why the trend towards personalization is so popular.

Personalization helps business travelers find services that are differentiated and so much more suited to them. What this means is that the traveler is more likely to be extremely satisfied with their experience. And this means they will be more likely to leave a positive review and become a repeat customer.

Special Travel Needs

Food allergies, disabilities and other special requests can require particular travel arrangements. Often, business travelers who have their own special needs can feel like they are a burden. When you make these needs easier to accommodate, it makes a big difference.

At Travelers Q, we have experience catering for many different travel needs. We have even adjusted our services to easily accommodate food allergies, religious requirements, physical disabilities, medical needs and much more.

Building Loyalty

With so many different companies in the business travel niche, building loyalty can be challenging. Customers are more demanding and happy to switch to another brand or provider if they can get a better deal.

That’s why personalization can be so powerful. It offers an opportunity to offer something that no other company can offer your customer. The feeling of being provided with a unique, customized service is powerful and helps to build deeper customer relationships..

When you offer an experience like this, the customer won’t shop around as much because they know that they cannot get the same quality of service anywhere else. Also, the longer a business traveler sticks with a particular company or travel agent, the more the company gets to know their unique needs and can offer them an even more customized experience. It is even possible to create loyalty programs that are customized to the consumer and offer them one of a kind rewards that are suited to them.

The Bottom Line: Personalization is the Key to Success

Personalized business travel is about more than just offering a service – it’s about making the traveler feel like all of their needs are met.

While personalization in business travel may still be in its early days, it still offers a lot of possibilities that are quite exciting for the future.

Here at Travelers Q, we know that travel management is not about a one-size-fits all travel experience. That’s why we treat our clients like individuals and offer options to personalize each trip so any unique travel needs are accommodated.

To find out more about our services and what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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