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Our Top 5 Tips for Women Traveling for Business Today

Our Top 5 Tips for Women Traveling for Business Today

Our Top 5 Tips for Women Traveling for Business Today

Female business travelers aren’t a new phenomenon, but the travel industry is starting to take note of this growing consumer group. According to a recent report by Skift, “The Rise of Female Business Travelers”, women business travelers already control 60% of the wealth in the USA and influence 85% of the purchasing decisions.

Traveling as a woman brings with it some serious considerations. For instance, if you’re a female business traveler, you’ll unfortunately need to be more conscious of your safety than a male traveler.

However, there are also huge benefits to taking part in business travel as a woman. It’s a chance to network with other professionals in your industry, attend conferences and gain helpful insight. You can also develop your skills and see another part of the world!

With this in mind, here are some simple yet effective tips women can use to travel smarter for work.

1. Packing Cubes are a Smart Solution

When you travel for work frequently, packing cubes can make keeping your clothes organized so much easier. You can keep underwear and socks in one cube, shirts in another and trousers in another. Once you have all of your clothes rolled up and stuffed into each cube, you can simply throw them in your bag and be on your way.

Not only do these cubes keep your clothing neat and tidy and maximize space in your luggage, it also means that you don’t have to unpack your entire suitcase when you are looking for one item – you can just take out the relevant cube. Plus, the cubes will protect your clothing if anything spills in your luggage. You can even keep your cubes packed with enough clothes for a 3-4 day journey, so that when you have to take an impromptu business trip you can just grab them and go.

2. Ensure Your Hotel Room is Safe & Secure

Usually business hotels have good security and are a safe place to stay. However, if the receptionist announces your room number out loud in a crowded lobby this can put you at risk. Some ways to stay safe are to be sure that the locks on your door work and always look through the keyhole before opening the door.

Another simple and easy way to make your hotel room more safe is to bring a rubber door wedge with you in your luggage. It is lightweight and only takes a few seconds to set up. You can simply place the thin end under the closed door, then gently kick it into place to secure it. It will work best on tile or wood (although some door wedges come with a velcro strip to stop them from sliding on carpet.) The wedge will ensure that no one can open the door from the outside and will give you an added level of security.

3. Remove Your Name Badge After Conferences

If you’re attending a conference, make sure that you remove your name badge or any identifying materials before you head out into the city or back to your hotel.

People can use this information to pretend they know you in order to con you into an unsafe situation. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so put your name tag away after your leave the conference or the meeting.

4. Add Extra Time & Plan a “Bleisure” Trip

One of the hottest trends in business travel is the practice of adding in extra days on the beginning or end of the trip. This allows you to take the time you need to enjoy the city you are visiting for business. This is also a great way to enjoy your business trips even more and achieve better work/life balance.

According to a BridgeStreet Global Hospitality Survey of 640 international travelers, 60% reported that they had combined business travel and leisure travel in this way. Also, 30% of travelers surveyed stated that they had added on extra days onto their business trips so that they can enjoy sightseeing in their destination. The three most popular activities on these “bleisure trips” are sightseeing, dining and arts & culture.

It’s a shame to visit a new city you’ve never been to before, yet only see the conference center and your hotel. Why not add a day or two onto your stay and take the time to visit a museum or go on a walking tour?

5. Don’t Give Up Healthy Routines

When you’re on the road, it’s easy to skip your workout and end up eating fast food. You’re busy and may not have a kitchen in your hotel room where you can prepare healthy meals – we get it. Woman or not, it’s still important to do your best to keep up your healthy habits even when you are traveling for business.

Eating nutritious food, getting some exercise and enough sleep will help you keep your energy levels high during your business trip so that you can perform your best. The good news is that there is an entire industry devoted to helping travelers keep up their healthy routine while away from home, so you’ll find plenty of helpful options.

For example, Aaptiv is an app that gives you workouts you can follow along with in your headphones – which is like taking a personal trainer with you on your trip. Many of the workouts don’t require equipment and can be done in a hotel room.

Another large part of staying healthy on the road requires planning ahead and being intentional about your choices. So, for example, if you know you are going to be in meetings all morning, bring along a banana and some nuts to satisfy your hunger so that you don’t overindulge when you finally break for lunch.

Share your favorite business travel tips!

Have you discovered any tips or hacks that make business travel easier and more enjoyable as a woman? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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