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The Five Things You Need When Thinking About a Travel Wedding

The Five Things You Need When Thinking About a Travel Wedding

The Five Things You Need When Thinking About a Travel Wedding

Congratulations you’re engaged! The moment has come where you found the dream person, and now need to pick the dream wedding destination. Or maybe you already have a special place in mind? We’re here to help in either event, and want to help make your fairytale destination wedding come to life! We’re here walk you through and to share the five things you need before pursuing a travel wedding.

Creating a memorable destination wedding means far more than selecting a breathtaking vista for your nuptials. While a destination wedding can bring feelings of excitement, it can also bring feelings of overwhelm. In many ways, a travel wedding amplifies the necessary levels of coordination among logistical details. Managing a destination wedding may require working across language barriers, time zones, and cultural nuances.

Chances are that you’re interested in a travel wedding because you intend to experience the destination, we want to make sure you’re able to soak up and enjoy every moment. Here are the five things you need when thinking about a travel wedding.

To Start Planning Early

Start brainstorming and planning early! Just like any other wedding venue, popular dates for a destination wedding start to book up quickly. That means, it is to your benefit if you can select a destination, or at least narrow down possible options, as soon as possible. Overwhelmed with the possible options, or not sure what you’re looking for? An experienced travel agent and wedding planner can help during the process.

A Wedding Planner

As suggested above, a professional wedding planner can be instrumental in helping guide the destination wedding planning. Wedding planners can help you find all the right wedding professionals and assist in coordinating travel, accommodations, decor, attire, and all the details in between. In many cases couples don’t account for the fact that they will need someone to travel on-site to help scout and prepare the venue and logistics, planners can help.

Not only will they help guide the process in selecting a destination based on your wedding vision, but they’re also experts in the field and can help select a destination that is on budget, on theme, and on brand for your overall wedding vision.

A Travel Agent

Remember planning a destination wedding is not at all like planning a vacation! An experienced travel agent can help offer recommendations and insight, and be a leader for all travel logistic questions. Travel professionals assist in booking plans, reserving hotel blocks, acquiring any necessary visas, and saving you money. Agents also have connections with partners and clients, and can offer insider tips, special rates, and incentives for maximizing the value your trip.

Want to be married legally outside the United States? Together a wedding planner and travel agent can help ensure that all the local marriage laws are understood, and that you’ll be ready to be legally married on your wedding day!

Travel Insurance

A wedding, particularly a travel wedding, is a substantial investment — get travel insurance! Be sure you invest in a plan that offers insurance if you need to cancel for any reason. Remember Zika? We heard of many couples that needed to unexpectedly change their wedding plans and were caught completely off guard. Don’t let this happen to you!

While every policy covers a slightly different series of aspects (thus, underscoring the importance of checking the details!), generally you can purchase plans that include coverage for the site, weather, vendor cancellation, or a change of heart!

A Guest Experience

Lastly, you need to consider is the guest experience! Remember guests are traveling to help celebrate your big day, so help them make the most of their travel. How can you help facilitate the highest quality guest experience?

There are two main ways you can delight your guests. First, provide a thoughtful welcome basket. Think through all the items your guests may have forgotten at home or were planning to buy on-site (bug spray, sunscreen, and water bottles). Have those items waiting for them as soon as they arrive! Second, offer activities and suggested excursions and sites to visit. Again, this is where having both a travel agent and wedding planner becomes instrumental! Wedding and travel experts often have connections with local vendors and tour services to help arrange different cultural and social excursions. In sum, you want to create opportunities for all guests to develop memories not only at your ceremony and reception, but also among the destination at large.

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