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The Most Exotic Group Travel Destinations

Predictions for Business Travel in 2022

Companies are looking forward to the future of travel in the next year. The pandemic has caused travel to permanently change, and when you travel to your next business event, you will notice these changes in both your domestic travel and international travel.  

International business travel is expected to increase by as much as 34 percent in 2022, most likely to make up for some of the losses due to the pandemic.

Seasoned travelers are looking to take that long-coveted bucket list trip that they have been putting off.

Are you looking to add some spice to your next group trip? Traveler’s Q has discovered the world’s most exotic destinations to travel to as a group!

The Most Exotic Group Travel Destinations

Be Exotic American-Style in the Hawaiian Islands

Anyone that has been to our 50th state knows exactly how exotic the lovely islands can be. What’s best about the Hawaiian Islands for a group trip is that any group members that may be leery of leaving U.S. soil can experience the most exotic destination in America. Besides the many beaches and surf and sun, your travel group can have a delightful time at Germaine’s Luau. Your travel group can dine on the famous Hawaiian cuisine while seeing a live authentic performance show just for you.

On the big island, your group can hike up to Mauna Kea Summit. When your travel group arrives at the top, they will be amazed at the views in front of them. You can travel with the Sunset and Stargazing Tour from Mauna Kea Summit Adventures.

Experience Nature in Bali, Indonesia

Journey to this tiny island paradise to unwind. Your group will love all that Bali has to offer. Ubud offers many fine dining options all within walking distance of each other, in between the town merchants. In the center of Ubud, your group can have the phenomenal experience of close encounters with monkeys in their natural habitat at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud.

Bali is also known as one of the world’s top surfing destinations in the world. Your group may enjoy a day outing on the waves, or even attend a surf camp.

Phuket is Paradise on Earth

Your travel group can have a remarkable trip to Phuket in Southern Thailand. This island is full of many exotic adventures including elephant sanctuaries, nightlife, water sports, wellness, shopping, and much more. The area is also known for its fine dining and an amazing amount of international cuisine available including Italian, Mexican, and American. Your group can sunbathe at the amazing Freedom Beach during the day and hit the clubs in Patong in the evening.

Your group may appreciate an amazing snorkeling trip to the nearby Phi Phi Islands to make this an awesome Thai adventure. These day excursions are one of the best group travel options available.

See the Marvels of Petra

The exotic city of Petra is located on a cliff between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. The fascinating group travel destination has many temples and tombs to explore. In Rose City, your travel group can take a camel ride through the stunning desert with Jordan Horizons Tours

The foodies in your travel group will love sampling the local cuisine. Your group can dine on favorites such as baklava, hummus, falafel, kebab, and so much more. You will keep coming back for more of the scrumptious fare. Your travel group can join A Piece of Jordan for a three-day exploration of travel and Jordanian food that will surely satisfy the foodies in your group.

Explore the Wonders of Montenegro

You can give your group trip an exotic time with European flair in Montenegro. Your group can journey to the Bay of Kotor and soak in the history of the medieval villages all around it. The Bay also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, where your travel group can sunbathe in style.

The history buffs in your group trip would love a visit to the Castle of San Giovanni. The stunning views they will see on the hike to the castle are worth the exercise. The fabulous bird’s-eye view of Old Town, Montenegro is a sight that will last a lifetime. There are thousands of photo opportunities at Kotor’s fjord, and in Old Town and the village of Muo that must be seen to be believed.

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