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Three Things to Consider for Your Vow Renewal

Three Things to Consider for Your Vow Renewal

As a wedding and event planner, while most of my work centers around weddings, there is an upward trend in couples electing to honor one another with vow renewals. Whether as a couple you’ll be celebrating five years of marriage, twenty, or fifty, a reaffirmation and celebration of those initial vows is always an event worth highlighting. Moreover, there seems to be increasing interest in destination vow renewals. Even celebrities, like Rachel Ray and John Cusimano (they went to Tuscany), have found reason to honor their marriages. Whether you intend to make it an intimate gathering with a few dozen family and friends, or a full-scale celebration, I’ll share my top three things to consider for your vow renewal.

Get Creative

A vow renewal is not a wedding, so don’t feel like you need to subscribe to what a wedding ‘should’ be.  Often weddings are a reflection of someone else’s expectations and don’t authentically celebrate the couple themselves—a sad reality. Vow renewals offer a great opportunity to really make this occasion about you both, your relationship, and what you want the festivities to showcase. There is no one right way to celebrate a marriage. Instead, feel inspired to get creative.  Have you both always shared a hobbyist love for sailing? Plan a vow renewal on a luxury cruise or yacht. This is the moment to really dive into what makes you as a pair come together, and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Life is an adventure, your vow renewal can be just as much a celebration of a life well-lived together.

A professional wedding planner can be instrumental in making certain all event details are met, and that the renewal is a true representation of your unique love. An experienced wedding planner can guide suggestions to help satisfy your vision for the day’s events. Planning an event can be a significant investment, and an experienced professional can be sure the event is on budget, reflects your taste, and is unforgettable!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal & Ask for Help

A vow renewal is the perfect occasion to get personal in your touches. While many choose to pursue the traditional set of wedding vows “until death do us part . . .” a vow renewal is the perfect time to pen personal vows. Though it may seem intimidating, the act of striving to put one’s sentiment into words and expressing why a vow renewal with your partner is particularly meaningful is often the most touching gesture. If you really wrestle with articulating your feelings, professionals like Vow Muse can help craft and share your love in words.

Did you always dream of that romantic trip to Hawaii as young lovers, but never quite got the chance? Celebrate fifteen years with an unforgettable anniversary and vow renewal to mark the occasion. Did you both opt for a courthouse wedding several decades ago? Host the luxe affair you’ve already dreamed of! In case you need more suggestions for potential vow renewal venues, here are Venue Report’s top picks!

Invite Those that Matter Most

As life goes forward, the people that matter most in one’s life or relationship often change. Perhaps you have a new pastor that helped during a particularly trying time, or simply want your children to witness what you share together. A vow renewal is a great opportunity to invite and celebrate with the friends and family (old and new) who have most significantly impacted the years of your relationship.

In fact, one idea we’re loving is when children surprise their parents with a vow renewal ceremony! What better way to say thank you to your parents, than to celebrate their love and foundation that thrived and strengthened in spite of all of life’s experiences.

Another take on the family vow renewal, is celebrating with friends! An acquaintance’s recent vow celebration was a five-couple participant destination vow renewal, with all in attendance sharing in the festivities. Each bride wore her original wedding dress and a photographer captured the whole event for all to delight in.

Feeling the love for planning a memorable vow renewal ceremony with your someone special?  Let us help make this event the most seamless and rewarding occasion, and even better the wedding itself (it that’s possible!). Remember, an experienced travel agent and wedding planner can help throughout the process, from start to finish—securing venues and vendors, assisting in coordinating travel, accommodations, decor, attire, and all the details in between. Long live love!

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