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Three Ways to Increase Online Adoption for Corporate Travel Booking

Booking travel for consumers has become so easy that the travel agent has nearly become an obsolete profession. Consumer Online Booking Tools (OBT) have made the process of researching, price comparing and booking the trip with such simplicity that employees prefer to use them for business travel. In corporate travel, however, the use of online booking tools is not as prevalent. One estimate from travel management company Serko claims only 45 to 55 percent usage by employees. Companies need to find more ways to increase online adoption for corporate travel booking.

Three Ways to Increase Online Adoption for Corporate Travel Booking

Travel Management Companies on a downturn

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have taken a hit from the myriad of online booking tools available in today’s marketplace. Booking on the open online market offers flexibility for the employee itinerary. In the past TMCs have been able to secure corporate rates and adhere to company policies. These TMCs can evolve in the trend by providing outstanding personalized customer service to companies and their business travelers.

Why are employees not using the companies online booking tool for corporate travel?

The biggest reason is poor user experience, especially when compared to consumer based online booking tools.

The incentive for a company to use an online booking tool is corporate policy compliance and lower fees. Below are just three options for an increase in online adoption for corporate travel booking.

Choose the Best Online Booking Tool for Your Company

There is a myriad of choices in cyberspace that can identify the employees that travel the most and what their preferences are and implement training sessions for using the OBT.

There are several vital features that a company can look for in choosing the online booking tool.

  • An integration with the companies’ expense reporting system. This would help the employee reconcile their travel expenses with their supervisors or department heads.
  • A real-time application of negotiated flight, hotel, and rental car rates like the well-known consumer travel websites. This can help the employee identify the best fare identification and/or loss savings calculation.
  • The availability of a mobile app for the convenience of the employee while traveling.

Create Templates

Companies can create a ready-made travel template for employees that travel frequently. For instance, if the employee travels to a specific destination often, you can have a ready-made template in the system with flights, hotel and rental car preferences already stored in the system. This provides an incentive already in place with all parameters met for the company budget and the employee to use for online booking.These templates can get formatted to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the company. This can customize and enable the pre-trip approval.

Create A Useful Incentive Program

Companies can offer incentives to employees if they use the implemented OBT and come in at or below budget. Companies need to do research on the travel preferences and habits of their employees and customize the business trips while enforcing compliance with corporate policies. This can be bleisure trips with leisure time added on to a business trip. The company can also award the savings to the employee as a bonus at the end of the year, or the employee can take advantage of traveler loyalty programs offered by the supplier.

There are many online booking tools available for online corporate travel booking. Companies can learn more about the newest online booking tools beginning October 2020. The many innovations in OBT for corporate travel will be highlighted at Expo 2020 Dubai. Contact Traveler’s Q to book your company trip to the World Expo or to help facilitate your corporate travel bookings.