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Top 10 Event Planning Blogs to Inspire You This Fall

Top 10 Event Planning Blogs to Inspire You This Fall

Where do you turn for news, tips and info about the event planning industry?

(Other than the Travelers Q blog, of course!)

In the event planning world there are lots of great resources, news sites and thought-provoking articles. After all, event planning is a complex field. There is always something more or new to learn.

We recommend you keep yourself up-to-date and get inspired by following these ten event planning blogs.

1. Event Manager Blog

This blog is known for being one of the best resources out there for seasoned event planners. It offers innovations in the industry and is often referenced by other event planning blogs.

As well as advice and news, the blog also reviews products such as event management platforms. They even hosts webinars with event planning industry professionals. You can download resources, such as event proposal templates, designed to make your job easier too.

2. Endless Events

Endless Events is a nationwide event planning company. They’re the brains behind some major exciting events in the USA – including the X-Games, the Color Run and Comic-Con.

Having learned a lot from these events, they share a lot of these lessons on their blog. You can also expect a steady stream of Event Tech News, as well as tips that will be practical for every event planner. We love their tips on how to negotiate hotel blocks and AV prices, for example!

3. Event Planning Blueprint

This event planning blog features free video training (so cool!). They also cover a wide range of event-related topics and online event planning courses. The blog features posts about how to choose the right venue, increase attendance, obtain event planning certifications, and more.

If you want to learn how to be a more successful event planner or grow your business, check it out!

4. Social Media Today

Are you wondering how you can use the power of social media in your event planning business? If so, Social Media Today will be a valuable resource for you. It’s a guide to all things social media! It features helpful posts with practical info that you can use to maximize your social media potential. Some of our favorite posts from this blog are “7 Tips to Improve Your Performance on LinkedIn” and “12 Social Media Management Tools to Help Maximize Your Digital Marketing Efforts.” 

Their goal is to provide busy professionals with a “bird’s eye view” of social media. They also go more in-depth with featured articles alongside top news stories.

5. BizBash

Another top event planning blog is BizBash. This blog publishes a great collection of news, ideas and resources that will inform and inspire you. Whether you are planning a seminar, a conference, a wedding or another other type of event, you’ll find lots of helpful info on this blog. They also have a useful venue finding tool right on their website.

Their GatherGeeks podcast is another great source of event planning info in audio form. Check it out at https://www.bizbash.com/gathergeeks.

6. Eventtia Blog

Eventtia is an event technology company that offers software for all types of events – from higher education to corporate. They also have a great blog on their website. It’s packed with useful information for event planners.

Not surprisingly, the focus on this blog is often technological. They tend to write about remote online events and social media most frequently. However, there’s also a lot of great thoughtful and philosophical posts on the blog. One of our favorites is “How to Identify the WHY of Your Brand Event.”

7. Techsytalk

Liz (King) Caruso is known for being a tech-savvy event planner. Her great tips on how to integrate technology into your events are done in a clever way for improved success. She grew her blog out of a love of technology and a desire to keep her readers updated on the latest industry developments.

The main focus of this blog is the idea that technology can be used strategically. Her hope is that all event planners make events more enjoyable, powerful, productive and memorable than ever using technology.

8. Eventbrite Blog

The Eventbrite Blog is another great resource for event planners. The blog is quite comprehensive. It covers every stage of the event planning life cycle – from the basics of getting started to finding vendors to promoting your event to following up with attendees afterwards.

In addition to all of their usual content, Eventbrite also publishes a roundup of event trends and insights every month. These can include event industry lingo guides, food related reads and much more.

9. Event Industry News

This blog is the one to follow if you want to stay up-to-date with event-related news and current events. They focus on everything from brand and agency news to exhibition news to concert and touring news and much more.

Plus, this blog has a guest blog section which offers valuable insight from other industry professionals – including marketing specialists and festival organizers.

10. Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections Blog

Last but not least, we recommend that you follow the Velvet Chainsaw blog. It is written by Jeff Hurt – a seasoned veteran in the event planning industry. His blog isn’t your standard blog about Pinterest-worthy pretty photos and floral arrangements, either. It’s all about the in-depth strategy behind event planning.

He shares a lot of really useful tips on managing meetings and conferences (and putting together events in general). He also posts some pretty interesting philosophical pieces about innovation and paradigm shifts in the industry. It’s definitely worth a look!

Interested in certain blog topics you aren’t seeing on this blog or others?

Comment below or contact us with your ideas! We get a lot of our ideas from our readers and love to keep you informed with all the trends you’re following 🙂