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Top 10 Helpful Resources for Planning an Event

Top 10 Helpful Resources for Planning an Event

Top 10 Helpful Resources for Planning an Event

Did you know that in the USA alone each year there are approximately 1.8 million events?

From conferences to trade shows, expo events, and weddings, these events result in an annual $280 billion in spending.

Events are a big deal. Planning a successful and memorable event is a lot of work! If you are a conference planner or event coordinator, you’re likely always on the lookout for resources that will help you to do things more easily, cheaply, or efficiently.

Event and travel planning is a difficult job. You may often find yourself overworked and stressed. Even if you are gifted with the ability to remember a lot of details and keep organized, there is only so much that you can do on your own. This is why the proper systems, tools, and resources are so incredibly valuable.

Check out these helpful resources that will make planning an event easier, helping you get more done in less time.


The travel and event planning experts at Traveler’s Q have decades of experience and tons of great connections in the industry, so they can certainly help you to plan the perfect event. They are a full service agency and they focus on giving you solutions that will help to make running your business easier.

Some of the event planning services they offer include event sourcing, event travel management, technology, on-site support, analysis and reporting and more. It really helps to have an expert team working for you!


Working with a team to coordinate an event? The Google Drive Suite is the ultimate way to work together in real-time.

With Google Suite, you can create documents, spreadsheets, and other items for your event and share them with all of the team members. Anyone can edit a file and it will be updated instantly. No more sending different versions of files back and forth in a long and confusing email chain!


This podcast, hosted by corporate entertainer Tom Crowl, is a great resource that will give you tons of ideas for event planning and management.

The host is a comedian, so he presents the information in a light and funny way that is easy to listen to. He also features a lot of case studies on the podcast, which are incredibly helpful.


An Online Community for Event Planners.

This Facebook community is a great resource. It was created specifically for people who are involved in the event planning industry.

When you join, you will receive access to exclusive content, networking opportunities, and discussions with experts. The group also offers a live series of events in the US.

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This is one of the best and most helpful event planning blogs out there. It started in 2007 by Julius Solaris, an event planning guru.

It is comprehensive, easy to read, and nicely organized. You’re bound to find it simple to access tons of very helpful content. Some of the topics covered include “5 Ways to Make the Press Feel Welcome at Your Next Event” and “Event Sponsorship: 10 Tips to Craft the Perfect Proposal.”


This guest list check-in app allows you to scan in your event attendees with a QR scanner. Awesome, right? Plus, you can use it no matter how big or small your event is.

You can also use Boomset to print attendee and sponsor badges, create wristbands, and send email confirmations. You get real-time reporting on the number of guests at your event and see your attendee data on an Excel spreadsheet.


It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be promoting your event on social media. If you do,  Hootsuite can make it easier for you.

Simply use Hootsuite to manage all of your social media platforms in one place . This allows you to  keep up-to-date with the social buzz around your event. You can even schedule posts in advance and set up all of your social media updates at once to save time.


Whether you work on a team with just a few other people or a huge organization, Slack is the best communication tool out there.

It is a handy way to share and discuss ideas. It can be used as a desktop app or a mobile app. Not to mention it is so much easier and more practical than sending emails. Verge even went so far to say that it is “killing email.”


Super Planner is a business app for professional event planners. It provides calculators to help you figure out your event budget, as well as venue capacity, staffing, and much more.

With Super Planner, you will be able to avoid going over budget by hiring too many staff. It can also help you choose a venue that is the right size and price while preventing other event planning blunders. It gets good reviews, with users saying that is is easy to use and makes calculations quickly.


All Seated is another incredibly useful event planning app. This app creates exact floor plans to scale. It also helps you figure out your seating arrangements, among other things. Plus, it has a team feature that allows you to share your plans in real-time.

These are just a few of the resources that can help you whenever you are in charge of planning an event. Although you are probably AMAZING at what you do, it never hurts to have a helping hand in the form of an educational podcast or blog or a useful app. With these great resources, you will be able to plan better events in less time – with less stress!


Travelers Q is a full service B2B travel and event management company.

We partner with event planners, small business owners, corporations, and non-profit organizations to manage their travel and other event-related tasks. We also integrate with 3rd party vendors at no additional cost. Our services include group travel management, event management, payment processing, registration services, and more.