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Top 5 Business Travel Essentials You Need When Packing Light

Top 5 Business Travel Essentials You Need When Packing Light

If you travel for business, you probably know the struggles of packing light.

You want to look your best in a professional setting. You need to have everything to function on the road as you would in your office (or close to it). But you also want to pack light so you aren’t dragging around heavy luggage. Putting together the right items to bring with you can be a challenge – especially when you’re spending multiple days on the road.

Here are what we’ve found to be the essentials that you should include in your suitcase when you are traveling for business.

1. Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothing

What if you could bring along chic and stylish clothing on your trip that looks great no matter how many hours it spent rolled or folded up in your luggage? What if you didn’t have to iron or dry-clean anything – you could simply wear it and go?

That’s the concept behind wrinkle-free travel clothing! It’s made with materials that can withstand being crumpled in a suitcase and not crease. These clothes are often easy to wash, quick-drying and made with high quality fabrics.

Do your research and find the right travel clothing for your needs – there are some great options out there. For example, the Etsuko Dress is incredibly popular as it is a simple. It’s a professional dress with wrinkle-resistant fabric and plenty of stretch and comfort. Plus, it has a design that looks great on any figure.

2. Your Own Internet Hotspot

Staying connected to the internet is essential when you’re traveling for business. Just because you’re away from your desk doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay in touch with your office. However, it can be tricky to stay connected when you are on the road.

Having your own WiFi hotspot means that you’ll be able to easily connect no matter where you go. You don’t have to worry about paying for expensive airport Wifi, or dealing with slow speeds in a cafe. It’s a huge time saver and will ensure that you are always connected no matter what. (Plus, it also means you can get work done anywhere you go, such as on the train or when you are waiting for a meeting.)


3. Earplugs and an Eye Mask

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for delivering your best performance at work. However, falling asleep in a hotel room can be difficult. There is often ambient light from the street or the alarm clock, as well as noise from people in the hallway or the city nightlife.

A good quality pair of earplugs and a comfortable eye mask are essential business travel items. They are small and can be packed anywhere. They’re the best way to block out your senses so you can fall asleep in peaceful quiet and soothing darkness. You can even use them on a plane or a train to get some rest while in transit.

4. Workout Clothes

Keeping up an exercise routine when you are on the road offers a lot of benefits. You’ll have more energy, sleep better and be more mentally alert. This really helps when you’re negotiating in important sales meeting. Plus, you’ll be able to counteract the heavy food that you inevitably end up eating on the road. No one wants to gain 5 lbs while traveling, right?

Bring along one lightweight, quick-dry exercise outfit. You can even keep up a daily exercise routine – simply wash it out in the sink after each session and hang it up to dry. Whether you go for a run along a local boulevard or make use of the hotel gym, you’ll feel fantastic and be glad you did.

5. Travel First Aid Kit

Another important thing to have in your suitcase is a mini travel first aid kit. This includes a few essential items you can use to self-medicate when you are feeling not so well. We like to put painkillers, allergy medication, pepto, bandages and antibiotic cream in ours, but use what makes sense for your medical history!

If you have a more serious injury, simply head to the local clinic or the emergency room. If it’s minor, a good travel first aid kit is often all you need for most minor illnesses and can really come in handy in a pinch.

What do you bring in your carry-on or suitcase for business travel?

Traveling for work can be stressful, but when you bring the right travel essentials, it can make all the difference. With these essentials, you can stay connected, healthy and feel great while on the road.

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