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Top 5 Reasons Travelers Are Leaders

Top 5 Reasons Travelers Are Leaders

Top 5 Reasons Travelers are Leaders

The lessons that travelers learn on the road are also essential to effective leadership. Let’s take a look at what these lessons are.

Travel is an experience that teaches many skills which are crucial to leadership. The act of travel is more than just getting from point A to point B. It often inspires a mindset shift within the traveler. It exposes you to a range of experiences that make you a stronger person and a better leader.

So, what are some of the ways that travelers become better leaders in the workplace? Let’s take a look at the top five leadership lessons travelers learn while on the road.

1. They Embrace the Unknown

Travelers are curious. They want to experience different cultures, try new food, see new things, and meet new people. They know that embracing the unknown usually leads to discovering something amazing. This is a very important trait in a leader.

A great leader is not afraid of venturing into the unknown and learning about something new. They aren’t stuck rigidly to the ways of the past. They are open to new ideas and to discovering a different way of doing things. When you are a leader in today’s global world, you need to be able to think beyond the walls of your office and look at the many possibilities that the world has to offer. Avid travelers do just that.

2. They are Willing to Take Risks

Travelers have historically developed a greater tolerance to risk. After all, venturing out into the unknown is a risk. It’s always more comfortable and safe to stay home. However, travelers are willing to face the risk for the reward of travel. They have learned to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is incredibly valuable when it comes to leadership. All great leaders are comfortable taking smart risks that will move them and their team forward.

Experienced travelers will likely tell you that their first trip was nerve wracking. When you take that first leap into traveling, your stomach is filled with butterflies. You  often have anxiety about the risks on the road ahead. However, when you take the risk and realize that the reward of travel is worthwhile, you get more confident about going outside of your comfort zone. This confidence is what makes leaders fearless and special.

3. They Appreciate Diversity

Travelers and leaders often have to interact with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. In these instances, it’s important to have an open mind and an understanding of those differences. Each has the chance to interact with other cultures, which opens their minds to different ways of thinking. This makes them stronger leaders and better people in general.

Travel shows you that there is not just one way of doing things. There are different cultures all over the world, each with their own way of approaching life and business. A great leader appreciates this level of diversity and is open to learning from new cultures to improve their skills and evolve their mindset.

4. They Are Resilient

Travel can be tough – and so can being a leader. When faced with difficult situations, you can’t blame yourself or get discouraged. Instead, you must accept failures and detach from situations that are out of your control without letting them become too stressful. When you are a leader, you also have to get up time and time again after a failure and keep working.

Travelers are leaders because they have honed these skills. They don’t get discouraged by failure. They are able to get up and try again until they find a solution. A leader is also able to handle temporary discomfort in order to get the reward that lies at the end. Traveling teaches these lessons quickly (yes, I mean you – 15 hour flight with 3 layovers!).

5. They Have Problem-Solving Skills

As any traveler knows, sometimes things go wrong when you are on the road. Learning how to react in the face of a problem to solve it quickly is a skill travelers learn naturally. They also sometimes have to solve a problem under time constraints, without the same resources that they would normally have at home.

Although facing these issues can be stressful, it helps to build great problem-solving skills – which are incredibly valuable in any leadership situation. Travelers are able to look at a situation in a creative way and see a solution that might not have been obvious at first. This is simply because problem solving is a skill that they have been practicing on the road.

Travel also helps you to refine your decision-making skills. You’ll have to make so many decisions on a daily basis, such as how to get from one place to another, where to stay, etc. You’ll realize that each choice you make has consequences. The better you get at making these decisions, the better the overall result will be.

The more you travel, the less intimidating these problems become. They are simply a chance to sharpen your problem-solving skills to learn something new. They may also turn into a great story, in hindsight.

There are so many ways travel builds leadership skills.

There are countless reasons travelers make better leaders. What leadership lessons have you learned from traveling, and how has it made you a better leader? Let us know in the comments section below.

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