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A must-read for all members! This 34-page guide walks you through all of the key Vacation.com programs and how to get started. We’ve also included a “Top 5”; a quick start guide for all new members.

Your Agency Affiliation Letter is your ticket to the enhanced commissions/lower thresholds that your Vacation.com membership provides. If yours is out of date, access the template and follow the instructions for resubmission.
A starting guide to setting up your own business, tax considerations, and what qualifies for deductions.  This is not intended to replace to professional advice of an account, however, the information was provided by our company’s Certified Public Accountant.

For live webinars, please login to Agent Universe and access the calendar for the latest information:  http://www.agentuniverse.com/training/calendar.aspx

The variety of FREE booking tools that are available to US Vacation.com members. (30 minutes)
View this class for an overview of TSA PreCheck and the Trusted Traveler Programs from the Department of Homeland Security including Global Entry. We’ll include what your clients/passengers will experience at the airport, the application process and review participating airlines. (45 minutes)
Join us to explore the world of groups. Learn about different types of groups and how to market your group, resulting in increased sales and commissions. (61 minutes)
New to the industry?  Check out this lively session on travel acronyms, ship, plane and tour terms.  This is a great review session as well for experienced members. But great for independent contractors and others those are just joining our industry. If you’ve ever asked anyone what “FIT” means, I’m sure you’ll get a few different answers. Learn the lingo, become vocal in the vernacular, our industry is filled with terms that draw a blank with any outsider but we take as common language.  (45 minutes)
View this webinar to learn how to easily and quickly create formulas. Learn how to create charts and graphs and customize them so that you can see the data you want. This class is perfect for those agents and or agency administrators who want to make their day-to-day operation of their agency a little easier.  (60 minutes)
An informative webinar on the advantages of joining CLIA, the official trade organization of the cruise industry. Discover how CLIA can be a positive influence to both your agency and the entire distribution system, along with the numerous benefits and pricing of joining.
All the travel agent tools in Agent Universe. (30 minutes)
Our marketing tools, including our award winning Engagement program. (30 minutes)
Learn about the unique value-added offerings that can help your agency stand out from their competition.  (30 minutes)