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What is a FAM Trip?

What is a FAM Trip?

What is a FAM trip? (And Why Event Planners & Travel Agents Should Care)

A FAM trip is an opportunity to explore an exciting travel destination, learn about local culture and network with MICE professionals from all over the world.

But what exactly does this type of trip entail? What advantages does it offer travel agents and event planners? Why should travel and MICE professionals take part in these types of trips?

Let’s take a closer look at FAM trips and how event planners and travel agents can make the most out of them

What Is a FAM Trip?

FAM trips are short for “Familiarization Trips,” meaning an opportunity to learn about a specific destination. For example, a FAM trip might send a travel agent on a cruise, or a tour, or a stay at a luxurious resort. When they have first-hand experience of  the destination, they will be better able to understand the trip and describe it to their customers (plus it’s fun!).

FAM trips are usually offered by hotel chains, tourist boards or other suppliers who recognize that travel agents need to have first-hand knowledge of the experience in order to effectively sell it. The arrangements for each FAM trip will differ, but they often follow a similar format that provides a behind-the-scenes look at tour operators, hotels and cruise ships.

FAM trips allow travel agents and event planners to not only experience a destination, but also to learn more about the ins and outs of traveling to it in general. These trips are usually offered at a low cost to the travel agent or event planner in the hopes that bookings will come from it later.

What Happens on a FAM Trip?

Although a FAM trip may be seen as a discounted vacation, it’s not all fun and relaxation. There are a lot of things to do on a FAM trip to maximize the time spent in a specific location.

For example, on a cruise ship the travel agents may walk onboard the ships and inspect the different categories of cabin, as well as the public areas. During a visit to a hotel, they might get a tour of the hotel and all of the amenities that it has to offer. A meeting planner might view the event and meeting facilities on the ship or at the hotel, so they can be familiar with them when planning an event.

A FAM trip may also include training sessions that are offered by the sponsor of the trip. These sessions will educate travel agents about the destination as well as offering other advice. Travel agents should prepare for these trips as if they were attending a continuing education course – prepared to learn. Travel agents are often advised to bring a journal to take lots of notes, so they can remember what they have learned and can easily report back to their co-workers.

These trips can sometimes be long days, packing a lot of information into a short period. However, they are certainly not all work and no play. A FAM trip will usually include lots of fun activities such as guided tour experiences, cocktail parties, VIP dinners or an excursion to a local attraction. After all, you have to see the destination like your customers will!

For example, at our upcoming Dubai FAM Trip in October 2018, participants will be able to experience some of the most stunning landmarks of Dubai, from the Al Fahidi Fort to the stunning Gold Souk to the magnificent Jumeirah Mosque. The tour will also include a luxurious brunch at the Atlantis Palm Hotel, a dinner cruise, day trips and so much more. It will be a truly first-class experience.

Why FAM Trips are Important

There are many advantages to FAM Trips. They are not only important to travel agents and event planners but also to the resorts and tour operators. Here are some of the reasons why travel agents and event planners should care about FAM trips:

  • Getting Inspired: Travel agents and event planners returning from a FAM trip often feel inspired and energized by the experience and ready to grow their business to a new level.
  • Destination Knowledge: The travel professional will gain first-hand knowledge of the destination so they can describe the experience to their customers accurately.
  • Improving Credibility: Customers tend to trust travel agent recommendations more when they have been to the destination themselves.
  • Creating Content: FAM trips are a great way to create content that you can use to market your agency. Travel agents can take photos and videos, write blog posts and post on their social media accounts to entice customers
  • Networking Opportunities: One of the most important benefits of FAM trips is that travel agents and event planners  will have the opportunity to network with others in their industry. For example, at Dubai FAM 2018, participants will have the chance to network with other MICE professionals from all other the world. These connections are incredibly valuable and can help travel agents and event planners grow their careers. Plus, travel agents will develop relationships with the suppliers and resort staff for better customer service and support.

Take advantage of this great FAM Trip opportunity!

If you are a travel agent or event planning professional, consider taking part in our FAM trip to Dubai on October 24-31!.  

It’s not too late to book tickets for Dubai FAM 2018 and take part in this excellent education and networking opportunity. To register your spot for this year’s event, click here.

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