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What you Need to Consider for Wedding Transportation

What you Need to Consider for Wedding Transportation


If your wedding ceremony and reception aren’t in the same venue, chances are you’ll need to think through wedding transportation for your guests as you plan your big day. As early as when you’re considering hotel block and shuttle options, transportation will be top of mind.

Let’s start by discussing what some key considerations and expert tips you should be aware of when planning your wedding transit options. Then, I’ll highlight some of the more unique and original transportation options to explore within the wedding space.

Who is the Transit For?

The first matter of consideration is who (and when) will you be needing transportation. Are you just concerned about just planning transport for yourself and the bridal party? Do you need to plan for all your guests? Considering how many people you need to transport will help you think through how many different types of vehicles you need, and what their capacity is. Start with who the number of people you will be ferrying as the first point of consideration.

This is where coordination with wedding professionals can prove so critical. A professional wedding planner can be instrumental in helping to ensure all your wedding details are met, even in transportation. An experience wedding planner can also develop appropriate timelines to account for transportation. Planners can help you and your fiancé put in writing who your driver will be, what they’ll wear, and requirements about any particular theme/scheme the driver needs to comply with. A wedding planner can be sure your transportation reflects your personal theme and is consistent with your overall vision.

How do you Want to Arrive?

Next, do you have any specifics you’d like that transportation to deliver on? Have you always dreamed of arriving to the church in a Rolls Royce? Sorting through what your vision and expectations are for you, as well as your guests can be a helpful guide in considering your wedding on-site travel plans. For instance, if you’re in a metropolitan area and you have many local guests, perhaps planning for a pre-paid car sharing service, as discussed in our recent wedding trends post, is the savviest move. A car sharing service allows your guests to leave at their leisure, ensuring everyone has the flexibility to meet their individual needs.

If you do plan to have group transportation options, not all guests may be able to travel in the first wave of transport. In that case, plan activities or items to keep your waiting guests entertained. Have attendants offer glasses of bubbly or snacks to guests as they wait at the ceremony site to satisfy their minds and stomachs.

Are you planning a destination wedding, and less familiar with available transportation options? Travel professionals assist in hotel and airfare booking plans, discussing transportation, and overall saving you money. Just like in hotel blocks, a travel agent can lend their expertise as professionals to help secure upgrades or other special add-ons (like, chilled champagne in the limo). Agents can also leverage their wide client base to help you ensure you get the most from different providers for your wedding.

What are my Options?

Transportation doesn’t need to be a boring necessary on your wedding day, instead feel free to explore original options to carry you and your guests on your big day. One of our favorites is the Napa Valley Wine Train. Frequently regarded as on one of the top train experiences, and as one of Food and Wine’s best wedding venues in Napa, the Wine Train delivers vintage elegance for your special event. Outfitted in plush textures and finishes – mahogany, velveteen, brass, and etched glass—the Napa Valley Wine Train harkens back to the golden age of luxe train travel. Here the transportation can become the main event for your wedding ceremony and reception. The design and layout of the train facilitates an intimate setting where you can socialize with your guests aboard. Plus, the train makes for unforgettable photos, particularly when set against picturesque Napa vineyards.

Even urban cityscapes have diverse transportation options available to interested couples. Another favorite of ours is a trolley service. This transportation option allows you to accommodate a large group, while stopping at a number of unique destinations (say for photos!). For Steven and Rachel’s classic Chicago wedding the couple and their bridal party cruised around town in a trolley car, making traveling to all their on-location wedding photos a breeze.

Other unique wedding transportation options include: golf cart, horse and carriage, scooter, and sailboat. The important thing to keep in mind is how can your transportation choice compliment your overall wedding vision and aesthetic, while still being functional.

Remember the Details!

Remember to book early, particularly if you’re planning for a popular summer weekend wedding. Particular transportation options can be more limited during peak season, so you’ll want to likely book at least six months in advance. Also, ask about any minimum hour requirements, there may be a minimum rental period you need to satisfy when booking.

Lastly, have an emergency number for the transport service and always plan for extra time! The last thing you want to be stuck worrying about is how to reach someone if you absolutely need to get in contact with your driver or the shuttle service. Likewise, add 20 minutes (or more) to every transportation itinerary stop, particularly if the wedding is held in a congested area.

Ready to get moving? Let us help you plan your dream wedding. An experienced wedding professional planner and travel agent can provide the necessary experience and professionalism to help you during the entire process. Bon Voyage!

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