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What You Really Need to Know Before Planning a Big Wedding

What You Really Need to Know Before Planning a Big Wedding

What You Really Need to Know Before Planning a Big Wedding

Coordinating a big wedding can be incredibly exciting (and stressful!). You get to have all of your loved ones around you to celebrate your relationship. But putting it all together is not easy. There are a lot of factors that you will need to consider – and details to take care of – before you can make your special day a reality.

Here are some essential things you need to know before planning a big wedding.

Set Your Budget First

Before you start contacting vendors, thinking about flowers or looking at dresses, the first thing you will need to do is figure out your wedding budget.

Once you know how much you have to spend on your wedding, you can start planning. Try making a spreadsheet and divide your money into the different categories, including venue rental, food, entertainment, etc. While your budget might shift and change as you go through the planning process, it’s good to have a general idea of how you are allocating your funds.

List Your Most Important Priorities

When it comes to your special day, what are the most important aspects of the event for you and your spouse? This can help identify the things that are really important to you – so that you can focus your energy (and budget) there and not worry as much about other things.

For example, if great entertainment is a top priority for you both – you might decide to splurge on hiring a really great band and cut back on another aspect of the wedding that you don’t care about as much – such as having fewer tabletop decorations. Or, if having fabulous food at your wedding dinner is more important to you than wearing a designer gown, you can adjust accordingly.

Get Organized

Whether you get it together on a Google doc, a spreadsheet or a notebook – it’s important to keep all of your wedding plans organized in one spot. You don’t want to be hunting around for the phone number of your florist, or forgetting an appointment you made for a cake tasting.

There are also plenty of great apps out there that will help you to keep your wedding plans organized. Here is a great guide to some of the best wedding planning apps.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back and asking for help. When planning a big wedding, you might feel stressed and overwhelmed by all of the little details. Often when wedding planning stress arises, it’s due to the fact that you are trying to do everything on your own.

Your partner, your friends, your family members – they will likely all be quite happy to assist you with a few (or many) of the 4,353 tasks on your to-do-list.

If you think you need some expert help, you can always work with someone who will be able to handle all of the little details and make sure that your big day goes smoothly.

Plan for Emergencies

No matter how much you plan and how hard you try – there’s always the chance that an emergency or unexpected expense will pop up. That’s why it’s important to allocate an extra 5-10% of your budget for surprise expenses or emergencies. Let’s face it, sometimes there are extra fees involved in a wedding that you may not have planned for or did not know about!

If you have to spend it, no big deal. If things go relatively well and you still have some of your budget left over when all is said and done – that’s money that you can spend on your honeymoon or put back in savings.

Don’t Book Your Venue Alone

You might be tempted to book your venue right away, so that you can make sure you secure it for the right date. However, involving a planner first can be a much better approach.

Often, the venue itself will dictate a lot of the other aspects of the planning, such as the number of guests you can invite, whether or not there is a stage, what facilities you have available and more. It’s better to let your planner help you to choose the venue that is the best fit for your needs, once you discuss what type of wedding you want to have. Plus, they can sometimes score special rates or deals you wouldn’t get if booking on your own.

When you are connected with other travel agents and event planners, you can let each other know about these great technological advances when you discover them – so that you can enjoy the benefits that they have to offer.

Remember What Your Day Is About

Above all, it’s important to remember that your big wedding is only big because of all the people who love and support your relationship. Your day is all about making memories and starting a new chapter of your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially on the big day itself!

Even when little things go wrong, chances are that your guests won’t even notice. They won’t know that the appetizers were supposed to have a different garnish, or that your table runners were supposed to be blue and not white. It won’t make much of a difference to their experience, so just focus on the positives and do your best to enjoy it!

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