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MICE Events

Planning MICE Events is a lot of work! Let Traveler’s Q manage your travel, so you can do more of what you love without sacrificing your attendees’ experience.
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MICE Events

The best MICE events – the ones people continue to attend year after year – all have something in common: an outstanding attendee experience.

There’s a common misconception that working with travel agencies increases the budget required for MICE events. In fact, it’s the opposite. Working with a full-service travel management company will help your event stand out more, leading to higher event ROI.

Here’s what working with a full-service travel agency can do for your MICE events:

  • Create unforgettable VIP travel experiences for your guests
  • Help you generate new business opportunities & close more deals
  • Introduce you to new vendors so you can form long-term partnerships
  • And more!

You have so much on your plate already – let us manage the travel headaches for you!

Our Favorite MICE Events


Planning corporate events is very involved!  Some events take over a year to plan, from sourcing venues to setting up on-site support, booking food & beverage, managing guest travel, advertising the event, editing the guest list, and so much more. 

If you want to better serve your attendees and yourself, you should look at outsourcing some of the finer (and more frustrating) details of corporate event planning.

Trust us, it’s a game-changer.


Thousands of specialty events occur each year, and if you’re someone who plans them you know how exhausting they are to coordinate. Large or small, planning these niche events is often more demanding than standard events, thus requiring more effort.

Our full-service approach to managing specialty travel and years of experience arranging niche events are sure to help you create memorable specialty MICE events.

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Most companies book incentive trips up to a year in advance. They want to ensure every detail is designed to make employees feel richly rewarded for their hard work. This means lots of planning and coordination.

These trips are based around the attendee experience. This is where we shine, helping you create lasting impressions, regardless of group size, event type, or activities.

It’s time to focus on what really matters.


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