15 Best Places To Travel For Business in the US Before 2022

Sep 8, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

15 Best Places To Travel For Business in the US Before 2022

15 Best Places To Travel For Business in the US Before 2022

When you go about making your domestic travel plans, check out our list for the trending business travel destinations for 2022.

15 Best US Destinations For Business


This city in Arizona is ideal for business travelers. Sky Harbor International Airport is located only four miles from downtown Phoenix. The CityScape area of downtown is a popular choice for business travelers for lodging and events at the Phoenix Convention Center.

San Diego

The California sun and many new impressive hotels make San Diego a great business travel destination. The new San Diego Convention Center is a clean and spacious venue, suitable for any event.

San Antonio

San Antonio is a happening place with corporate travelers. The city has year-round comfortable weather and a city center that is very walkable. This makes it a great destination for business conferences. The city center also has many elegant hotels that cater to business travelers.


Miami International Airport is famous for its on-time arrivals, great access to public transportation, and many convenient hotels. The state-of-the-art Miami Beach Convention Center hosts a large calendar of business events every year.

New York City

New York City has always been the leading business destination for decades. The city is full of many booming industries, ranging from technology and banking to media and fashion. Event venues such as the Jacob Javits Center host many conferences, trade shows, and other business events.


Because of its affordability, Atlanta is a popular destination for business travelers. The wonderful Atlanta Convention Center has 1.4 million feet of exhibit space. Plus, Atlanta International Airport is conveniently located only 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.


This Texas city is another hub for Fortune 500 companies such as Southwest Airlines and ExxonMobile. The world-class Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center has more than one million square feet of exhibit space to host any event.

Los Angeles

Despite the gridlock traffic, Los Angeles is a great business travel destination. The Los Angeles Convention Center, in the southwest sector of downtown Los Angeles. hosts many conferences, events, conventions, and meetings. Of course, when it comes to luxury hotel offerings, no one beats LA.


Why not make the best business trip possible in paradise? The Hawaii Convention Center and Meet Hawaii are just two of many venues that are eager to welcome back business travelers.

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital is another hub for business travelers. The city has many facilities for events, including Capitol View Conference Center, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, AMA Conference Center, and many others. In addition, the district has countless hotels for business travelers.

Las Vegas

Besides being America’s playground, Las Vegas is a great destination for your business event. Venues such as the Sands Expo Convention Center and Las Vegas Convention Center host hundreds of events every year. The city has a slew of hotels for the business traveler including Las Vegas Hilton.


In the Midwest, Chicago is the king of industry. Major corporations such as Kraft Foods, Bank of America, Comcast, and many more call Chicago home. For meetings, the city has many venues appropriate for events including McCormick Place, Puerto Convention Center, and The Conference Center, which are all located downtown.


Business travelers always have a delightful time in Boston. The city is home to General Electric, Liberty Mutual, Gillette, and many other major corporations. The Grand Ballroom at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center has more than 516,000 square feet available for all your event needs.


The home of Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom is also a great business travel destination. Businesses can book their events at Bell Harbor International Conference Center or the Washington State Convention Center.

San Francisco

The city by the bay is a remarkable business travel destination. San Francisco offers so much in luxury hotels, fabulous diverse cuisine, and great meeting venues. The Moscone Center hosts many events, conferences, and expos. Another great San Francisco event venue is the Mission Bay Conference Center.

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