3 Reason Face-to-Face Meetings Are Still Important

Dec 10, 2019 | Traveler’s Q

3 Reason Face-to-Face Meetings Are Still Important

Three Reasons Face to Face Meetings Are Still important

In this high-tech world businesses have the convenience of Facetime, Skype, Slack and other systems that enable meetings via long distance. So why would face to face meetings still be important? After all, traveling to meetings via air and the road can get expensive and takes time. What incentives do companies have to keep this form of communication alive in this modern day? Here are just three reasons why meetings in person are a good way to go.

1) First impressions are easier to make in person.

In business, that all important first impression has always been paramount. This is especially significant if this is your first-time meeting with a prospective client. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and your company. The first meeting will determine how the business relationship will develop. Anything and everything including what you wear to your body language and even the way you speak and conduct yourself makes an impression. You also cannot make much of an impression at all with an email or a phone call because your personality does not show as much as it does in person.

2) It is easier to engage with someone in a meeting if they are in the room.

Most meetings begin with a handshake. That cannot be done over email, teleconference and video chats. When colleagues meet, they can engage in small talk and get to know each other. They may even find some common interests with each other. The meeting can then become more of a social event rather than a cold interaction online. Eye contact that is made in the same room is much more viable than over a great distance.This enables building relationships that otherwise may not happen. The positive emotional energy or vibe between meeting participants can be contagious. This establishes trust and stronger relationships form much faster. The exchange of new ideas between participants seems to flow much easier in person too. Participants will feel more involved in the meeting objective and believe their input and feedback is valued.

3) Technology difficulties don’t apply.

Anyone that has ever been on a meeting on Skype or Facetime knows the frustrations that can occur when something goes wrong during the meeting. Bad WIFI connections can break up the meeting in progress. Both participants may not have compatible systems or equipment. The articulation may not be as clear if the microphone malfunctions and stops working. There can be an echoing or hissing sound in the background during transmission. If these technical issues arise it can interfere with the momentum the participants may have discussing business topics during the meeting. When all participants are at the table together, these technical issues simply do not exist.

Face to face meetings are the best way to begin the business relationship with a new colleague. This ‘old school’ way of communication is still going strong at many trade shows and seminars. There will be thousands of opportunities available for scheduling your in-person meeting at Expo 2020 Dubai. Contact Traveler’s Q if you need assistance scheduling your face to face meetings.