4 Secrets to Boost Engagement at Business Events

Feb 1, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Before you begin work on the secrets we share below, you must first define your metrics. A remarkable 80% of event planners reported that engagement and attendee satisfaction are the key performance indicators (KPI) of your event’s success. Do some research and find the engagement metrics for your event. These could include:

  • Audience retention
  • Polls, feedback, and chat participation
  • Social media mentions

Once you have gathered this data, you will be able to leverage that information to boost engagement for your next business event.

Top 4 Secrets to Boost Engagement for Your Next Business Event

Maximize An Event App

A newer innovation in event planning is event applications. These mobile apps can help boost engagement in your event. Make sure your attendees are aware of your application as soon as they register. This will keep them in the loop for any news and updates.

There are many great event applications out there today. They have many helpful features including newsletter and email updates, promotion, and much more for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Some applications of note include:

EventMobi provides easy end-to-end event management for the event pro or novice.

Aventri has the ability to bring engagement opportunities right into your attendees’ hands.

If you wish your event tech to be a high-touch experience, use the SpotMe application.

Create Networking Spaces

Your event should have a designated place for meetings to happen. It should be a separate area of the venue, away from the noise of the event. This space should have accessibility and be clearly marked in the venue. Inside your space, it should have the usual meeting furniture such as tables and chairs, or you can even have sofas and easy chairs. You can use whatever will make your attendees comfortable. It would also be a great idea to furnish this space with snacks and beverages to make it even more hospitable. An event manager can help you plan and design this space. That point is to get everyone relaxed and ready to do business.

Work with Sponsors on Joint Promotion

You can take your event promotion to a whole new level when you team up with sponsors. These sponsors provide you with additional engagement opportunities at all stages including before, during, and after your event.

These sponsors will want to work with you on promoting your brand in many ways. You could have a joint contest on social media or sponsored content. Think of an item that your attendees may like or a sample of a product your business is promoting with the event. Virtual event sponsorship can work in tandem with your live event to increase engagement even more. The possibilities are endless on how your joint promotion can benefit all.

In the early stages of your event planning, get together with the promotions manager that works for your sponsor. Take some time and brainstorm together ideas that can boost the engagement for your event.

Don’t Forget the Virtual Attendees

Do not leave your virtual audience out when you host a hybrid event. The meetings and events industry will continue to transition and include hybrid events into the fold. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your virtual attendees in this post-COVID world, where in-person attendance is not as accessible as it used to be. If you neglect any part of your audience, your overall event experience will take a hit. Take this opportunity to leverage the newest event tech to merge the physical and the virtual worlds.

You could also have a call to action (CTA) or a virtual suggestion box for these attendees. Then you can allow your virtual attendees the opportunity to speak in the time leading up to your event. The more input that you give everyone leading up to your event, the more engagement you will have overall.

In Conclusion

The key to event engagement is to focus on the attendee experience. It begins with intriguing content, good promotion, and generating a buzz. After all, that is what is going to draw them in, and make them want to attend your event (hopefully more than once) and enjoy themselves.

Traveler’s Q can help you plan your next corporate event with our event management services. We are experts in the industry and have many event management tips to share with corporate travelers. Contact us today so we can be your guide into the future of event travel.