5 Domestic Travel Tips for Your Next Business Trip

Aug 18, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Domestic Travel Tips for Business Travel

Join a Frequent Flyer and/or Hotel Rewards Program

If you are frequently flying for business travel, sign up for a frequent flyer awards program from your preferred carrier. The miles add up when you use the same airline, and you can use these miles for many perks. These include flight rewards, class upgrades, accommodation discounts, and much more.

On the same note, a hotel rewards program offers many perks for the business traveler. These rewards are usually free night’s accommodation and room upgrades that you can use for both business travel and personal travel.

Expedite the Airport Process

If you travel frequently for business, you should find ways to cut down your time at the airport. For example, you should check-in online through your airline’s app or website. You can also sign up for Global Entry and TSA Precheck to move you through the security lines faster.

Seek Out Airport Lounge Access

While waiting at airports, passengers are exposed to long delays and layovers. Business travelers should consider seeking out the airport access lounge for some decompression time. These lounges offer many benefits for the business traveler including food and drink, showers, lounging, and work areas. You can usually access these lounges through frequent flyer programs or your corporate travel card.

Take Care of Yourself with Healthy Habits

For successful business travel, you need to take care of yourself. To do this, you should  establish some healthy travel habits. This includes a work-life balance where you spend some time resting and leisure activities. You should also plan time for exercise on your trip to keep your mind and body sharp.

Explore Your Destination

Make the most of your domestic travel and explore your destination in your downtime. You should get out of your destination and try to see at least some of your destination city. You can look up some travel guides or blogs before venturing out to see what is near your accommodation and decide what is feasible for you to see and do.

If you are unable to do much personal activity while conducting your business, consider staying an extra day or two at your destination. For instance, if you are in town for a corporate event, look into what you can do after the event concludes.

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