5 Steps to Plan an Unforgettable Group Trip

May 5, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

5 Steps to Plan the Ultimate Group Trip

Discuss the Type of Trip You Want

The first step is to get all your trip attendees together and have a lengthy discussion about what type of group trip everyone desires. It may take some time for the group to agree on your trip type because of varying interests. Everyone must be on board with the trip details.

Choose the Destination

The second step is picking a destination. Think about your group and whether they are novice or seasoned travelers. If the group consists of the former, your best bet is to keep your destination in the U.S., the Caribbean, or Europe. Try to pick a destination that allows your group members to have plenty to do outside of any group activity. For instance, if you pick an island destination for your group trip, members of your group can enjoy the beach or watersports in their downtime.

Set Your Budget

This step may be one of the most difficult, especially if there are varying income levels in your group. Your travel advisor may be able to get you a special group rate for your travels. Once you get the per-person quote from your group travel planner, relay the number to members of your group with plenty of advance notice. Then it is up to the individuals to have their deposits in by the trip deadline, as well as save money on their own for their individual expenses.

Book Travel, Lodging, and Activities

Once you have made a plan for your group trip and set your budget, you can then begin the booking process. This is essential for you to plan the most perfect group trip possible. Keep in mind that every item on your itinerary is subject to availability, and prices rise and fall constantly. You must book your flights, accommodations, and transfers well in advance. You may wish to consult with a group travel specialist or a reputable tour operator to help you expedite your trip planning.

Plan at Least One Group Dinner and Activity

As the leader of your group, plan at least one special meal together. Later on in the trip, your group members can splinter off and find ways to entertain themselves at your destination. This will allow the group to celebrate an occasion and touch base with each other. This does not mean your group has to share every dinner together, as members of your group may tend to form smaller subgroups and go with the flow during the trip.

The same advice goes for a group activity. Plan at least one excursion or activity for the entire group to participate in. Just consider the ages and health of your group, and make sure it is not a strenuous activity that may leave some members out. As with the group dinner, people can form other smaller groups and partake in different activities.

If you follow these group travel tips during the planning stage, there will be memories that will last a lifetime for your and your group.

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