5 Things to Consider For Your Business Event Safety

Jul 28, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

5 Things to Consider for Business Event Safety

Crowd Management

Crowds bring excitement to your event, but they also bring safety concerns. You will need to consider how you will handle the flow of people in your event. With crowd management, there are several things to consider:

  • Disability access
  • Entry and exit strategies for the event
  • Clear signage to manage the flow of people
  • Exits that are clearly marked in case of emergencies

Event Equipment

It does not matter what type of event you are conducting, there will inevitably be a great deal of technical equipment needed. This equipment can pose safety hazards to your event attendees and staff if not managed properly. Therefore, you must consider all your event tech and where it is placed on your event floor plan. Once everything is installed, you need to check that there are not any trip hazards such as electrical cords. If your event is held outdoors, consider if your display would be affected by weather and if it could pose a threat to people in the area.

Food Safety

You will need to monitor your food vendors at your event to make sure it is stored, cooked, and served properly. You will need to check and see that all vendors have proper licensing in the local area, as well. The last thing you want is for someone to get sick at your event. This will cause that information to get around like wildfire, which will impede you when you want to plan your next event.

Health Issues

When you have a large gathering of people, chances are that you may have some people who have medical issues occurring during your event. You will need to have a pre-emptive strike by having a plan if any such emergencies occur. For instance, you could have a first aid staff with basic medical supplies on site. You can also map out a path on the floor where stretchers can pass through and the fastest route to the nearest hospital. Once you make your event team aware of this plan, you can be ready for anything that may come up.

Security Checkpoints

These days, people feel more secure attending large events knowing there is security nearby. Your attendees will know that you as the event planner have come up with measures to not just respond to any kind of threat but to possibly prevent it and put the public at ease. Therefore, keep your security team visible and circulating the venue. This will also keep them ready to respond when they are out on the floor, not in the office.

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