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5 Ways to Incorporate AI and AR into Your Events

Predictions for Business Travel in 2022

Companies are looking forward to the future of travel in the next year. The pandemic has caused travel to permanently change, and when you travel to your next business event, you will notice these changes in both your domestic travel and international travel.  

International business travel is expected to increase by as much as 34 percent in 2022, most likely to make up for some of the losses due to the pandemic.

Seasoned travelers are looking to take that long-coveted bucket list trip that they have been putting off.

One way to ensure your business is on the cutting edge is to bring some event tech to your next corporate event. There are many ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) into your plans. Read to learn all about the fascinating event tech at your disposal.

Ways to Use AI at Your Business Event

Use AI for Your Content Curation

You can tailor your event presentation and speaker panels schedule creatively with AI. One way to do this with your content is by curating it to fit your audience’s interests. For instance, before the event, attendees can permit the event AI to look into their demographic information and use that data to give the attendee suitable recommendations on what sessions to attend at the event and recommend sponsor websites.

Use AI for Event Networking

Artificial intelligence can also be used as a great tool for networking at your event. This event tech can be used in many ways. This includes matchmaking engines that can suggest meeting partners with industry peers or event exhibitors based on attendee profiles. This makes the process of meeting people much more streamlined, as opposed to randomly walking around the event floor. The AI can crunch data to match people up appropriately for networking or sales meetings.


Chatbots can be a helpful tool for event planning and management. They can conduct actual conversations with humans. This artificial intelligence can provide useful information to attendees by answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) that attendees may have, as opposed to providing manpower at the events to be guides for attendees..

Ways To Use Augmented Reality At Your Next Corporate Event

A Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Reality Experience

AR can be used to showcase your brand, product, or service. For instance, you can present an immersive video presentation that explains the story of your company. You can include a history of your company, tell the story of your product, and how it can be helpful to your audience. The possibilities are limitless on how you can present this content with AR.

Adopt an AR Application for Your Event

An AR app will drive traffic to your event. Many apps, like Google’s ARCore, allow the guests to interact with conferences and exhibition booths. The interactions during the event can include news updates on the brand, information, and even games that can be customized. You can also advertise your event application and its features on your various social media platforms to drive your event ticket sales.

Offer Plenty of Post-Event Access To Content

Make sure that you offer access to all event content not only during the event but for a period afterward. This will help keep the momentum going for your brand and drive anticipation for your attendees to attend the event next time.

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