7 International Travel Tips for the Business Traveler

Aug 11, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

7 Travel Tips for Easier International Corporate Travel

Prepare Your Technology

Before your corporate trip, make sure all your business technology will be ready during your trip. Find out from your IT team if your laptop, phone, and any other tech equipment are in working order before you travel. This is especially true for international travel, as the local Wi-Fi and other factors can affect your work schedule. Save the time and aggravation for yourself and the company, and make sure you will be fully up and running for your trip.

Prepare for Your Flight and Hotel

Most international flights are several hours long. On your day of travel, make sure to drink plenty of fluids (except alcohol) to avoid dehydration. Loosen your shoelaces, but do not remove your shoes due to the foot swelling that happens in-flight. If you have difficulties sleeping during your flight, consider using melatonin to help you sleep instead of other sleep aids, which can cause grogginess.

For your hotel, you may want to book more than one option in case the property does not live up to expectations. If you are in an unfamiliar hotel, you may find that it is not up to your standard. Have another reservation available in case you need a contingency plan.

Keep the Suitcase on the Lighter Side

If your international travel is on the shorter side, consider packing light. You can bring many clothing pieces that are versatile and interchangeable to lighten the load. Don’t forget the heavier your suitcase is, the more fees you can incur.

Dress Like A Tourist, Not A Business Person

Sometimes at international customs in airports, people who dress in business attire get pulled aside. This is because they assume you are in the country for business based on your attire. You may get questioned regarding the purpose of your travel and may delay the next leg of your journey. If you wish to avoid this possible detainment, the solution is to dress casually for your business flight. This will cause the immigration officials to assume that you are a tourist on vacation, and they will most likely let you pass through.

Find Local Contacts

Ask your colleagues if they have friends, family, or associates at your international travel destination. It is good to have a local person to contact in case of an emergency. You can also touch base with these contacts while in your destination country. Who knows, you may very well end up spending some time with some of these people if your schedule allows.

Assimilate and Follow the Customs

When you are on an international corporate trip, you are representing your company. Therefore, it is best to be respectful of the local customs. For instance, if you are visiting a country that practices conservative dress, you should dress in a similar fashion to avoid standing out. Many countries have fines for showing public disobedience, so it is best to do research beforehand.

Use The Local Currency As Much As Possible

Although you may have a company credit card, it is best to have some local currency on hand. You can use this currency for small purchases such as coffee, snacks, and any souvenirs. Many small vendors only take cash. Besides, you also want to save fees on your corporate card by sparing the small purchases and the accompanying international fees on the card.

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