7 Steps To A Successful Private Event

Apr 5, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

7 Steps for A Successful Private Event

Set Your Budget

The first step is to know the budget you will have to work with. Once that is established, you can work around it as need be. To plan accordingly, set each portion of your budget for each detail of the event including venue, catering, event decor, event design, etc.

Do not forget to include the appropriate level of event tech for the occasion. In the last few years, this technology has been available in applications that make it easier for the event planner to schedule the event. These apps are also extremely helpful for your event attendees. It is highly recommended that you work a dedicated event application into the budget for your next event. This will help you manage the entire event while reducing your expenditures by eliminating some paperwork to streamline your time.

Find Your Target Invitees

The next step is to do some research on your target audience. It is very important to discover this information, as it can lead to what decisions you make on every detail in your event planning. When you understand the needs and preferences of your audience, this can make it easier to create an experience tailored to them.

Organize Tasks for Delegation

Rally your event professionals and organize them into teams. Create a list of tasks for all and then delegate. Your team will consist of people you work with, as well as venue management personnel, speakers, public relations people, sponsors, and volunteers.

Choose Your Venue

Keeping your target audience in mind, choose your venue wisely. Today’s trend is to utilize innovative spaces for events. These include unconventional places such as art galleries, vineyards, or museums. Whatever you choose needs to fit your budget, audience, agenda, and attendee capacity, as well.

Check the Supply Chain

Do some research on local vendors and suppliers, and choose the best one that fits your event objectives. If at all possible, a dedicated team works best to plan a successful event.

Your various tasks include checking the quality of the food orders, audio and visuals, conference kits, and more. Coordinate with everyone in each supply link to get all supplies at the right place at the right time for your event.

Study Current Event Trends

Look to your target audience’s interests for event inspiration.  Ask yourself: does your target audience fit into a specific age and demographic? If your target audience falls within a certain age, you can have a decades-themed or pop-culture-themed event.

To draw interest to your event, do some research and get event inspiration from current trends. The most popular event themes for 2022 include:

  • Masquerade/Venetian theme: This timeless theme is the epitome of elegance with extravagant costumes and masks that take guests to Venice.
  • Winter Wonderland: Besides Christmas, the winter wonderland theme is classic for many other private events including wedding events and parties.
  • James Bond/007: Bring some Hollywood into your event with this classic character.
  • Sci-Fi and the Future: Today’s tech is hot and your event can reflect this current trend.
  • Traditional Christmas: The sense of nostalgia is very much alive in people. As a result, the traditional Christmas party is not only for celebrating the end of another year, it can be a theme for your team-building events, as well.

Schedule Everything That Will Occur During Event

Time is of the essence now. When you have a proper schedule in the first stages of event planning, it can help you expedite everything so much easier.

On the day of the event, keep a schedule of the following:

  • When attendees are due to arrive.
  • When do the sessions start.
  • Any breaks/refreshments needed.
  • The time of the event conclusion.

After you have organized the above, you can then begin to work around these planned items and fine-tune the schedule with all the minute details. These details include presentation order and anything else where someone needs specific direction. This is where specific event tech that works with the event is helpful with built-in schedulers and planners.

Traveler’s Q has event professionals that can help you plan your social events in addition to your business events. Contact us today to get started on all your event management needs.