7 Things You Need To Know About Group Travel

May 12, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

What You Need to Know About Group Travel

Research is Paramount

It takes an incredible amount of due diligence to prepare yourself for a group trip. Research is the first step in effective travel planning. On the web, research the travel planner’s website to see if their website contains the information needed to help you make a booking decision. Ask yourself: Are there details on where the itinerary will take the group, are lodging and meal options mentioned, etc? Pay attention and see if there are any positive customer reviews, and then get in touch with a group travel agent personally on the phone or online.

Light Packing Required

Most group travel trips have limits on how much luggage you can bring, so it is better to pack on the lighter side. Choose weather-appropriate clothing for your trip that has pieces that can be mixed and matched. For example, bring tops and pants in neutral colors that you can mix and match daily and can create several different looks. Don’t forget, you may very well purchase clothing and/or souvenirs during your trip and you will need the extra space in your suitcase for these items.

Prepare to Bond with Other Travelers

One of the best ways to enjoy your group trip is to get to know others on the journey. Accommodations vary depending on itinerary and budget, and can range from luxury hotels to cabins to hostels. What is your proximity to your fellow travelers? Think about the accommodation offered and if it is just right for you, or too close for comfort. You will also be sharing space with other group members on your tour bus, so having a pleasant rapport with these new group members is your best bet. The best perk of this is that you will most likely make friends where you least expect it.

Set Rules and Boundaries

It can be challenging to handle a large group of people during a group trip. As the leader, you will be responsible for everyone’s health and safety. It is in the best interest of everyone if firm rules of conduct are established before your trip commences. Make sure you parlay to your group that you nor the tour company wishes to be liable for anything that may go wrong on the trip—especially if the rules are not followed by group members.

Keep Extra Cash on Hand

When planning group travel, most participants pay for the entire itinerary upfront. That does not mean that you do not need to have some extra cash available during your trip. Take a look at your trip schedule and discover what is included in the tour price—and what is not. Many group tours have day excursions and some meals that you will have to pay for on your own. It is also a good idea to have money on hand for things like taxis, souvenirs, and tips for your drivers and group tour leader.

Be Flexible

One way to enjoy group travel thoroughly is to not be so rigid and be a little spontaneous. Even when on a group excursion, you should mix it up a little bit. For instance, if you are on a day trip, take some time to explore on your own during the free time that you usually get at a destination. Don’t feel like you always have to follow the herd.

Don’t Forget Me Time

Many solo travelers today choose to travel alone but on a group trip. This is an excellent way to make new friends while you are sharing new experiences. There is something special about strangers coming together and exploring a new culture together.

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