Best Employee Travel Management Tools: Managing Your Employees On The Go

Mar 31, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

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The Best Corporate Travel Management Online Booking Tools

TravelPerk has many corporate travel management solutions that are tailored to all your business needs. The platform makes it easy for your staff to book their business travel by providing a huge range of travel options in one place. Employees have access to many different airlines, train lines, hotels, and much more that are easily available to book using the program’s dashboard.

Many are familiar with Airbnb when booking their personal lodging. Now Airbnb for Work is providing outstanding services for today’s corporate travelers. Besides lodging, this platform offers new ways to travel for business. The services offered by this application include company excursions, team-building exercises, meeting spaces, and much more.

If you’re looking for an application that can design your trip itinerary from your travel bookings, TripIt makes this process flawless. This great travel application’s basic plan is free to use. You can upgrade to TripItPro for other great features including a seat tracker for flights.

Flightfox has a network of travel planners that are ready to assist your company in booking the best travel experience every time. Instead of heading to a travel planner’s office, everything is now done online. Users have global 24/7 support managed on a cloud-based platform.

Google Trips is a great application to manage your business travel needs. The platform gives you the ability to sync with Gmail to extract dates and locations from your email to access your trip itinerary in one organized place. Another perk of this application is the unlimited supply of Google Reviews to choose restaurants and excursion activities at your travel destination.

The Best Business Travel Booking Tools for Managing Travel Budgets

One of the best corporate travel management platforms for booking, managing finances, and reporting corporate travel is TravelBank. The ability to do these tasks in one place makes this application a simple but powerful solution for your corporate travel needs.

Spendesk allows users to have complete control and visibility of the overall corporate travel spending. The application allows employees to pay for their travel expenses in several different ways including corporate cards that are linked to the same user. This makes your business travel management so much easier.

To easily track all your company’s travel expenses, use Spendee. This free application allows users to track expenses in real-time and lets users attach expense receipts. The application also gives you the ability to add supervisors and accounting team members into their accounts, so they have visibility on travel expenses, as well.

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