Budgeting for your wedding

Mar 2, 2023 | Traveler’s Q

Making a wedding budget: what to consider

  • Your current savings
  • Your credit score (go into as little debt as you can)
  • Alternative ways to fund it
  • Keeping in mind unexpected life disasters that may occur before the wedding is paid off

Wedding budget breakdown

  • Not all marriages are created equal
  • What will make the cost of your wedding vary from others that other people may have?
    • Ceremony
      • Ceremony venue rental
      • Marriage license
      • Officiant
      • Ceremony music
      • Any decor needed
    • Reception venue, catering, and rentals
      • Reception venue rental
      • Catering (food, service, rentals such as flatware, stemware, china, linens, etc.
      • Bartending (service, alcohol, rentals such as glassware)

Wedding Budget Mistakes To Avoid

  • Going into severe debt
  • Not prioritizing your spending decisions according to your values
  • Not tracking all spending
  • Not doing what you can to cut cost/cost efficiency
  • Not setting an absolute limit
  • Not keeping an emergency fund
  • Not considering alternative ways to fund it
  • Beginning your wedding planning with terrible credit

Steps to creating your wedding budget

  • Determine your values//how and what to prioritize
  • Determine exactly how you will pay for it
    • Loans and credit cards?
    • Side gigs?
    • Savings?
  • Itemize what you will pay in totality before you actually pay anything
  • Determine who will pay what
  • Choose the right wedding planner (allude to TQ CTA)


  • Summarize key points (tell them what you told them)
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