Business Travel Before, During, and After Your Trip

Aug 2, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Corporate Travel Tips For All Stages of Travel

Before You Depart on a Corporate Trip

  • Book A Hotel That Caters To Business TravelersThe business travel market is very competitive. If you travel frequently, you should think about joining a loyalty program offered by your favorite brand. These major hotel chains will go above and beyond to gain customer loyalty. Hotel chains offer delightful perks for business travelers such as free food, airline miles, room discounts, and much more.
  • Download Helpful Travel Applications
    Today there are many applications available that can make corporate travel go smoother. These applications can also save a significant amount of time at all stages of your trip, plus cut down on your paperwork. You can download your airline’s app,  which enables you to check in for flights, load mobile boarding passes, and much more. If you download applications for any public transportation you may use, it will save you time at the ticket line because you can purchase tickets and check schedules quickly all in one place.
  • Ship Any Large Items Ahead of Time
    If you have larger items that need to accompany you on your business trip, consider shipping them ahead of time. It may be more cost-effective to send your materials to your accommodation ahead of time.
  • Pack Essential Items in Your Carry-On
    If you must check a suitcase for your corporate trip, make sure you keep your essential items in your carry-on bag. You do not want to take the chance of your suitcase being lost while containing important items such as your medications or essential documents.

During Your Trip

  • Keep Customer Service Numbers HandyThe chances are that you will not need to call customer service at any stage of your trip. Just in case, it is always a good idea to have the phone numbers of your airline, hotel, and even your travel advisor in case any unexpected situations arise.
  • Don’t Forget Breakfast
    While you are engaged in your business travel, you must keep yourself sharp. The majority of hotels that cater to corporate travelers provide a free breakfast. Take advantage of this perk and have a breakfast that will prepare you for the day ahead. Take a drink or a small piece of fruit with you from the buffet in case you may need a “pick me up” later.
  • Consider Uber over Taxis
    In recent years Uber has become available in many cities worldwide. The service is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional taxis and even rental cars. From your phone application, you can schedule an Uber or other on-demand ride service that can deliver you to any of your meetings or events while you get to ride stress-free and prepare for your meeting.
  • Be Aware of Cell Service
    Keep in mind that some of your corporate travel destinations may have poor cellular service. This can force your phone service into roaming mode and can increase your bill significantly. This is especially true with international travel, so pay attention. If your cellular service is in roaming mode, consider using your phone in alternative ways including connecting to Wi-Fi or purchasing a sim card to use during your trip.
  • See As Many People As You Can At Your Destination
    You should take advantage of the time you have in your executive travel destination. If you have any clients or prospects in the same location, try to schedule some time with them. You can just touch base with them over coffee or stop by at their office. Your company will appreciate this, as well, especially if your business is mostly online, so they can put a face with the name.

What To Do Post-Trip

  • Rest and Recover from Jet LagIt does not matter if your corporate trip was a domestic or international travel destination, air travel means you will have to recover from jet lag. Some travel tips to recuperate from jet lag include eating lightly, staying hydrated, and getting ample sleep. You also want to try and adjust yourself to your home schedule as soon as possible so you will be office-ready.
  • Reflect on Your Trip
    When you have some time, reflect on the success of your business trip. Consider the following: Did you accomplish your objective on this trip, and if not, what could you have done differently to make it more efficient? You will need to evaluate the return on the investment for your trip based on expenses versus any potential revenue brought in by the trip.
  • Catch Up at the Office
    Your first day back at the office will be concerned with getting back up to speed on things. Your business travel expense reports and notes are the first task you should do when back at work, while all trip details are still in your mind. Once you have completed that task, you can move on to catching up on any follow-up emails and phone calls.

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