Changes that Have Been Made to International Travel And What You Can Expect

Aug 18, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

Changes that Have Been Made to International Travel And What You Can Expect

Changes that Have Been Made to International Travel And What You Can Expect

Business travel is slowly beginning to resume worldwide. As executives get back out there in the skies and attend conventions, meetings, and events, they are faced with several new protocols for international travel. We made a list of the changes that have occurred with international travel since the pandemic, and what you can expect in the future for international corporate travel.

Changes Made To International Travel

  • Vaccinations Will be Mandatory

There is an ongoing debate about COVID vaccinations and whether they are effective at protecting the recipient from infection. However, it appears that no matter your position on the vaccinations, you very well may need them to resume international travel. There is no set international standard for vaccines in order to travel. If you have to travel for business, the best bet is to get vaccinated and carry your vaccination card so you can resume your business life.

  • Guidelines and Restrictions are Constantly Changing

You will have to check the ever-changing travel guidelines to make sure you are up-to-date with all requirements. You can check specific guidelines on the US State Department website, or the destination’s Office of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Health.

  • It is Best To Avoid High-Risk Countries

Unless it is an essential business trip, avoid travel to countries in the high-risk categories. Currently, there are more than 60 countries on the high-risk list.

  • Some Countries Restrict Visitors But Make Exceptions

Many countries are currently closed to international visitors but will allow some exceptions. Depending on the seriousness of the pandemic in your destination, you may be able to get an exception due to a death or serious illness of a family member. You should expect to provide documented proof of the purpose of your visit.

What You Can Expect On Your Next International Trip

  • Wearing a Mask on All Public Transportation, Airports and Stations

The new norm, as we have come to call it, is mask mandates on public transportation. After a year of restrictions worldwide, mask mandates were removed from most public places except public transportation and transportation centers.

  • Vaccine Passports/Applications

Some countries may ask to see your vaccination card, so make sure your Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) vaccination card is completely filled and legible with the dates of your doses. It is also a good idea to have a copy of this card on paper or a photo of it on your phone in case it is lost.

  • PCR Testing

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing has become a standard in travel since the outbreak of COVID. Some countries have varying requirements on COVID test types, ranging from simple self tests to PCR tests done at a laboratory. The time of the testing is also important before you arrive at your destination. Currently, most countries require a test taken three days before departure. It is best to keep on top of your destination country’s travel testing requirements when you begin the initial travel planning.

  • Possible Quarantine

Although you have been vaccinated and tested negative for COVID, you may still have to quarantine depending on the destination. Make sure you are updated on your destination’s quarantine requirements.

The climate of corporate travel has changed forever due to the coronavirus pandemic. As business travel slowly restarts, travel plans may still not go smoothly. Traveler’s Q has many corporate travel services to help you navigate the post-COVID travel storm. Contact us today to book your corporate trip.