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The biggest challenge in corporate travel planning today is coming up with an event that will attract millions of attendees. The best way to do this is to pay attention to current corporate travel trends.

Then, incorporate some of these trends into your event as they make sense. Here are five corporate travel trends you should know as an event planner today.

Five Trends in Corporate Travel Every Event Planner Should Know


A new way for event planners to book travel for events. Currently, 84% of sharing on social media is through this dark social method. This means it can’t be tracked by marketers. Promoting events using messenger, SMS, or other private communications is the most common. Many businesses are now using this tactic to sell attendees on traveling to their events with exclusive discounts. In fact, texts have the most impact with 98% of text messages actually read.


Attendees and exhibitors can be persuaded to attend events like World Expo 2020 by using personalization technology. This allows you to personalize communications with prospective attendees. You can even analyze their preferences by tracking click throughs and send personalized content based on the interest. This makes sending a custom itinerary or suggesting a specific flight from their hometown much easier and more effective.

3. Create VIP Experiences

Most corporate travelers are used to higher-end experiences than the average traveler. If you want your attendees to have an unforgettable experience at your events, give them VIP treatment. Market and tailor these VIP experiences based on what your attendees want and will expect. Set up a loyalty program and offer special discounts when attending future events. Provide incentives and rewards for those that persuade others to attend events. Invite them to try something new or exclusive to the time or place.

4. Exclusivity

Everyone wants to feel like an insider in the world of corporate travel. When your attendees feel like they are part of an exclusive group, they are bound to share their experience with others. This is amazing, free exposure for your brand! Offer them their own special lounge at your event venue to relax in between meetings. You can even host this group at a luxury resort or a cruise in addition to the event as a bizcation. Whatever will make them feel like a VIP.

5. Extreme Theming

Themes are one of those corporate travel trends that draw attendees and never go out of style. Extreme themes go a little deeper than just a common interest. You really want to come up with a theme that will draw people over a great distance or cultural differences. An emotional theme, such as a fantasy or surreal theme, that appeals to a wide range of attendees can draw people to your event. Corporate travel trends like these are constantly changing. When you’re able to keep up with the newest innovations in corporate travel and events, you can use that information to plan exceptional events. If you need help executing one of your upcoming events, or simply want to save time on travel planning, let us know! We’re here to help.