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The travel industry has changed significantly over the last few decades, which is, in no doubt, due to the evolution of technology. We’ve developed innovative ways to make travel planning and enjoyment much quicker and easier. Check out a few ways you can explore the world and manage your travel with advanced technology.

Digital Tools & Advancements That Are Making Travel Easy

Artificial Intelligence for Fast Customer Service

AI has made it simple to respond to a traveler’s questions and concerns if a customer service representative is not available. Many mobile companies have been experimenting with using AI to enable bookings through text messages and WhatsApp.

Staying Connected is Easier and Less Expensive than Before

Until recently, staying in touch with loved ones back home was quite expensive and inconvenient. Telephone calls made from phone booths and hotel rooms were difficult to make and expensive. These days, the invention of cell phones have made the cost and convenience of keeping in touch more efficient. WiFi connections worldwide have enabled people to keep in touch via programs such as Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp from their cell phone, tablet or laptop. These programs have video calls as well as voice calls available. The cost of staying in touch this way has eliminated the need to make an expensive call with a landline.

Voice Assistance

Travel experts predict that voice assistance will become the next tool to transform the travel industry. Many corporations have invested in voice assistant technology to expedite access to a traveler’s profile and itinerary. This eliminates the need to access multiple screens on their modem to obtain the information when they retrieve it with one sentence.

Travel Apps

It seems as if travel apps have always been there to assist us with anything pertaining to travel. But not so long ago, travelers had to rely solely on books, maps, or travel agents to help them plan and schedule trips.

These days, the thousands of available travel applications assist us with tasks like:  

  • Booking trips
  • Navigating city streets
  • Buying tourist destination tickets
  • Finding hotels and restaurants
  • Learning much needed information about a destinations

You can do all this within a fraction of the time it would have taken only a couple of decades ago.

Personalized Travel Experiences

Bespoke travel experiences are a growing trend in the travel industry. This technology makes it possible to avoid the limitations of a pre-planned holiday package. More travelers are preferring to use technologies that help them plan their own itineraries. You can customize your trip to your own personal specifications.

Technology to Increase Travel Brand Loyalty

Travel consumers today have many choices between brands. It can often be overwhelming for a consumer to decide amongst the many options. Perhaps the most differentiating factor in acquiring new customers is a company’s implementation of the latest travel technology.

Travel brands use the available technology to target and engage with customers. Brands can better connect with their audience and win their loyalty by providing exciting discounts and reward programs.

 Virtual Reality Increasing in Popularity

Virtual reality technology has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to bring the destination to people who may not be physically able to travel. The use of a special headset has a 360 degree video to provide consumers with a sensory experience from nearly anywhere. In the wake of the pandemic, many who are unable or unwilling to travel abroad may make use of this technology.


Biometrics has made it possible to get through major transportation centers much more quickly and easily. This technology enables the use of fingerprint or iris scanning to easily pass through a terminal without waiting in line to see an immigration agent.

This technology makes it possible to handle the increasing traffic in transportation centers without sacrificing any security measures. Many airports worldwide have plans to include this technology in their airports in the future.

 Health Kiosks and Disinfection Robots in Airports

 Temperature checks in international airports are becoming the norm due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some airports are even introducing temperature taking robots and thermal screening to reduce personal contact.

Clinically-tested disinfection robots have been used in hospitals and laboratories for some time. It is only a matter of time before these robots are a common sight in airports and other transportation centers.

 Digital Guidebooks

In the past, a consumer would need to visit a bookstore or library to find information on their destination. A travel guide in print would add extra weight to your suitcase or travel bag. Now, you can access the internet, with its many useful online websites and apps, from your cell phone. These digital travel guidebooks can provide the traveler with the most up to date information available on any destination.

Where Will We Go Next?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has stirred inventions of new technology to keep everyone safe and healthy while exploring the world. The travel industry and its technology are constantly evolving. It will be exciting to discover the new innovations in technology that will travel easier in the future. Traveler’s Q can introduce you to all the new travel technology available. Contact us to learn more.